2023 Chromecast Google Tv 4k

2023 Chromecast Google Tv 4k – A third Chromecast with Google TV model may be on the way, but will it replace the 4K version?

Chromecast with Google TV is one of the best streaming gadget families, offering a small form factor, full Google TV support, and attractive prices. We’ve already seen the original 4K model and the cheaper 1080p device, but it sounds like a third model could be on the way.

2023 Chromecast Google Tv 4k

9to5Google dug into a preview version of the Google Home app and confirmed mention of a new Chromecast alongside a Google TV device dubbed “YTC.” For what it’s worth, the original model is clearly called “YTV,” while the HD device is called “YTB.”

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There were no additional details for this third device, but the outlet suggests that it could be a replacement for the original 4K-toting model. That makes sense considering the original Chromecast with Google TV, which launched in September 2020, only launched in September 2022. So we’re definitely due for a 4K refresh, if anything.

We’re guessing that this new model will offer support for AV1 decoding, allowing for streams of the same quality with the same bandwidth or less bandwidth. After all, Google is reportedly pushing to increase AV1 adoption on both Android TV devices and Android itself.

Otherwise, we rejected the limited amount of storage on our Chromecast with the Google TV review, so we expect to see more internal storage and more options for expandable storage (such as a microSD card slot or a second USB-C port). You are here: Home / Chromecast / Pixel Buds Pro surprised us at Google I/O 2022: What about the new Chromecast this year?

With the continuous growth of internet based television and streaming outlets, the world is now very familiar with streaming dongles for television. Gone are the days when these tools were only for the advanced user: we’ve reached full commodity status at this point. Whether you’re using a smart TV with built-in apps or some brand of streaming hardware (Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, etc.), at this point most people are getting completely comfortable with the prospect of running apps on their big screens.

Google Chromecast: News, Leaks, Rumored Price, And Release Window

Of all the hardware Google makes, the Chromecast — in its old and new iterations — is one of their best-selling devices. From the early days as just a casting dongle to the latest versions that encompass the entire streaming experience, Chromecast has been the market leader in the entertainment streaming arena for years at this point.

And now it’s time for the really big, cool Chromecast to appear. We’ve been asking for one, and we got a new Chromecast last year; But that was far from an upgrade. With a peak resolution of 1080p, this wasn’t quite the Chromecast w/Google TV sequel we were hoping for. And as time goes by, the original and 1080p versions of Chromecast currently offered continue to feel outdated by the minute.

With a slow interface and storage issues still a part of the overall experience, Chromecast is perfectly primed for an upgrade. And Google doesn’t even have to do much to make it happen. They could have kept the same build, the same remote (although I would have liked something with slightly better ergonomics) and all the same packaging. Just need to cram in a better processor and more storage.

4K is fine for the foreseeable future and Google’s software is actually quite good when it’s not held back by a device with a bad processor and ridiculous RAM and storage. If Google put a decent processor in the Chromecast and paired it with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, the overall usability would change completely.

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Light games can be played locally on it, navigating through the interface will be smooth and cool, and you won’t run into storage limits after installing a handful of media streaming apps. At this point in 2023, it’s not a big question, and either an updated Chromecast or a top-tier Chromecast Ultra should 100% be on the way from Google. There’s just one problem: There are no signs of this happening anytime soon. A surprise arrival at Google I/O will be a surprise.

Like they did with the Pixel Buds Pro last year, it would be fun if the new Chromecast showed up as a total surprise at Google I/O 2023. There’s nothing to indicate that it’s on the horizon right now, but if the updated hardware was as simple as what I mentioned above, there wouldn’t be much information to leak before the unveiling. Still, I’m not really optimistic that it will actually happen. I just think it should be.

With better, more performing streaming dongles in the world, it won’t take long for Google to lose a lot of market share to the other big players if they provide users with devices that can deliver content like the current Chromecast. So with less delay and a bit more flexibility. Those types of devices are probably just around the corner, and if Google is sleeping on it, I could even see an off brand like Walmart’s Onn. Coming in and stealing the thunder.

If that company (Onn.) can sell a $20 dongle as well as Google’s $50 Chromecast, what can they do on a $40 or $50 budget? Nothing will be as difficult as I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, and I can’t imagine it will be long before we see them or any other company. People are now cool with apps on their TVs, so the next step is for them to expect a little more from the hardware. Here’s hoping Google gets there first.

Is A New Chromecast With Google Tv Coming Soon?

A tech junkie. Musician. Web developer. The coffee snob. Huge fan of Google Things. Installed Chrome Unboxed because many of my passions collide in this space. I liked that. I want to share that. I hope you enjoy it too. Google is rolling out the first update of 2023 for Chromecast with Google TV, though it appears to be a minor bug fixer.

STTE.220920.016.H1 shows only a small build jump from the last update (STTE.220920.015.A1) in November. This 51.12 MB download puts your device on the October 2022 Android security patch level. For comparison, that previous update was 148MB, while Android 12 came in at 722MB.

The on-device changelog only notes “other bug fixes and performance improvements”. After updating there is no Chromecast remote firmware update. Google has yet to update its online release notes.

In 2022, Google updated the streaming tool only three times. The first didn’t arrive until July, with Android 12 following in September.

A New Chromecast With Google Tv Is In The Works

We haven’t spotted any changes yet, but be sure to chime in below to see if this first update of the 2023 update addresses the Chromecast with Google TV issues you’ve been experiencing as of late.

You’re reading — experts who publish news every day about Google and the ecosystem around it. Be sure to check out our homepage for all the latest news, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay in the loop. Don’t know where to start? Watch our exclusive stories, reviews, how-tos and subscribe to our YouTube channel Google is working on a new model of Chromecast with Google TV, reports 9to5Google claims. It will be 3

In addition to Chromecast with the Google TV line-up by Google which currently comes in 2 HD and 4K models. The new Chromecast is called the ‘Pro’ model.

9to5Google traced the source of the preview update to the Google Home app, finding references to a new Google TV device, called “YTC” and codenamed “Chromecast with Google TV.” Earlier models were called “YTC” and “YTB” for 4K and UHD variants.

Chromecast With Google Tv (hd)

The upcoming Chromecast may replace the original with Google TV 4K coming out in 2020. Google may increase the internal storage on the upcoming Chromecast and may also offer AV1 decoding, allowing for higher quality streams. As of now, there is no confirmation about the launch or specs of this new Chromecast, but Google may announce it at I/O 2023.

Currently, Google Chromecast with Google TV HD is priced at Rs. 4355, and the Chromecast with Google TV 4K is priced at Rs. 6387 in the country. Both these Chromecasts can be purchased through Flipkart.

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Chromecast with Google TV is an affordable way to get almost all streaming services in one place. Google TV will learn what you like and recommend content, and having the power of Google Assistant at your fingertips makes it an incredible streaming dongle.

Chromecast With Google Tv 4k Gets A New Update With January 2023 Security Patch

Chromecast is one of the most revolutionary products ever released by Google. It completely changed how we move content around