Amazon Music Prime Full Library

Amazon Music Prime Full Library – Amazon Prime members, you now have access to the full Amazon Music catalog at no extra cost and without ads. That’s pretty cool, right?

Amazon announced the extended freebie today, saying that their catalog of 100 million songs is now only available to you, the paying Prime customer. That’s a significant jump from the 2 million free songs you’ve enjoyed in the past. In addition to music, Amazon believes you also have access to “the top ad-free and on-demand podcasts,” for podcasters.

Amazon Music Prime Full Library

As someone who hasn’t looked at Amazon Music in a long time, I’m happy to report that the listening experience allows users like you to “discover more new music and podcasts based on [your] likes” and “shuffle any artist, album or playlist in the catalog” plus “stream a collection of playlists with free access tailored to personalized listening preferences on demand and download them for offline listening.” Nice.

The Amazon Music Library Is Now Free For Prime Members (with A Catch)

For those who might want music in HD or Ultra HD, you’ll still have to pay for this tier of Amazon Music.

Finally, the Amazon Music app will see a makeover with “a new look for the Amazon Music app, including the new Podcast Previews feature, which allows customers to easily watch a short, digestible soundbite of a podcast episode, allowing them to quickly discover and find new podcasts with simple swipes.”