Best Free Texting Apps

Best Free Texting Apps – Texting has become a common practice among people of all ages and mostly among teenagers these days. Android’s default texting app can never fulfill your requirements if you are a texting addict or professional texter. Eventually, you start looking for the best free text messaging apps for Android smartphones.

With the introduction of short message services (SMS), texting on a smartphone has become quite a common trend and therefore, a habit for many. Technically, a text is just a combination of words and phrases that are correct, understandable and meaningful. However, Android’s default texting application is far too boring and this is the reason why other texting applications developed by third parties exist.

Best Free Texting Apps

Well, I would advise not to do that (if it is not fruitful). However, you can’t stop texting someone completely (even I can’t!).

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No, due to advances in technology, you can now send emotion icons (also known as emoticons, or emojis), GIFs, photos, videos, and other files too. It makes the conversation more interactive and useful too.

So, you need to choose the right messaging app on your device through which you can do most of the things. And, there are many feature-packed and secure free messaging apps for Android in the store. You need to hunt them down and get it installed on your device.

In many paid and free texting applications supported by Android, it becomes quite a difficult and time-consuming activity to try all of them and find a reliable texting app. Although there are a few texting apps that actually provide more features than just sending text messages. So, let’s check out these amazing free text messaging apps.

We’ve saved you the time of searching for a new text messenger by ditching the apps on our list below. Here you will find the messengers only for social chat and managing messages directly from the phone (Mobile Network SMS).

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It is a real smooth messaging app with plenty of customization options that you can use to make it look fancy or beautiful. It is free but contains in-app ads which makes it annoying (very little) at times when you are connected to the Internet network.

Also, it features dual SIM support. So, you don’t need to go into the SIM settings and change the preferred SIM every time you send a message.

And, if you want to upgrade it to the premium plan by paying $6, then you will get rid of the ads and you would unlock some impressive features – Private box, cloud backup, advanced MMS and some others . The Private box can be useful if you want to hide messages from a specific person, just like the private chat option on other instant messaging services,

Long story short, if you want a messaging app to be secure enough, then this should be your choice.

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Edward Snowden recommends using it too. You should find out about him if you have no idea who he is.

However, the sad part is – it does not support dual SIM functionality. So, you will have to change the optional SIM for sending messages again and again. If you want to keep your conversation safe and at the same time, you don’t want your friend to know if you have “seen” the message, then it will be a good choice for you. It literally supports Privacy to its edge.

Signal (Earlier TextSecure) is another free text messaging application that allows you to stay in touch with your acquaintances but keeps up with its commitment to maintaining user privacy. The app also allows you to create groups to chat among many people at the same time and share attachments as well.

TextSecure (now Signal) is the only free, open-source Android texting app that uses peer-reviewed, open-source cryptographic protocols to keep messages secure. The texting app designed keeping the most constrained environment in mind results in faster performance.

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This is the stock Android messenger, which comes with Nexus series smartphones and now Google’s Pixel phones as well. However, other smartphone manufacturers tend to use their own personal messaging app.

But, usually, the default messaging app is not customized well enough to provide the perfect material design user interface and the right security required.

So, if you’re in a similar situation, you should take a minute to think about switching to Google’s messaging app that’s tailor-made for Android.

Google Messenger is one of the most popular Android texting apps. Owned by Google itself, it is the most safe, secure and free texting app for android phones and tablets.

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Google Messenger lets you send SMS and MMS from any android device to other Android-based gadgets with Google Messenger installed in the latter as well.

As far as design and user interface are considered, the design turns out to be quite fluid and simple with a unique and unparalleled experience. Furthermore, users can block other users temporarily or permanently as well.

As the name contains the word TEXTRA, this is another best free texting application that comes with some unusual but unique and attractive features like – mobile notifications, quick reply popups and much more. Apart from bulk customization, the app comes with customization options for specific contacts as well.

It offers a simple material design user interface with a handful of customization options. However, there is no dual SIM support here either. You will have to rely on changing the optional SIM for messages manually.

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Also, you can customize the notification icon and LED notification color (if you have one). It also supports quick reply feature. If you’ve seen Kungfu Panda 3, you might associate the above UI accent color combination with the enemy!

If you are a PushBullet, MightText or any Android smart wear user, the app can also comply with these utilities to generate faster responses at any time. The free texting app is also protected against “StageFright” – an exploit that is spread through video messages.

Hangouts is a very popular instant messaging app for Android. You can use it as an SMS app as well. However, you won’t get any customization options like other dedicated messaging apps, but you will like the interface.

If you don’t like the default customized messaging app, and you don’t want to install any third-party messaging apps from the Play Store, you should go with hangouts. It usually comes baked in even on a custom ROM.

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Telegram is yet another one of the best free texting apps for Android phones and tablets that is trending a lot these days as it has been considered as a replacement for WhatsApp Messenger. In addition to multimedia files, Telegram also allows you to share the doc, zip, pdf and a few other types of files.

The frequency of members per group can be as much as 200 members and for broadcasting, it can be up to a maximum of 100 members. The app tries to use minimum data and therefore can work even with the weakest connections. If you prefer privacy, give this app a shot as it also provides a rather unique “Secret Chat” feature.

QKSMS is one more free texting app for Android that has revolutionized texting with its more than 200 customizable themes. Apart from themes, the beauty of this app cannot be ignored due to its simple yet effective material design and various themes available for night mode as well.

QKSMS is a completely free and open source texting application for Android that brings magic in texting/chatting with its beautiful and refreshing design interface. For speed texters, typos are quite common and the Delayed Messages feature of this app is a savior against these typos. Moreover, the app is also compatible with Android wear devices.

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Perfectly tailored user interface. The name itself promotes that the app is “fast”. And, what is a coincidence? It supports a quick reply feature that feels like you’re using the 3D Touch on iOS to check your SMS conversation.

Again, as a deal breaker for some, it does not include Dual SIM support. So, you have to configure it manually every time. The one thing it is missing that all the other messaging apps mentioned above have is – the messaging blacklist feature. It would certainly come in handy if it was included in the further updates.

Imo is quite a popular free texting app for Android, however, it offers more than just a texting app. Furthermore, sending a text message to your Imo contacts the users can also send an instant message on major networks such as Google Talk, Facebook chat, Skype and AIM by synchronizing the respective accounts with Imo.

Although the texting app brings full efficiency to facilitate texting. It also offers free voice and video calls over WiFi or a high-speed data connection. Moreover, the app also offers encrypted chats and calls. But the only downside of this free text messaging app is that it only runs on Android 4.0 and up.

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WeChat is another entry to the list of free text messaging app for Android devices as it offers many features to capture the attention of users. Moreover, it also comes with some advanced features like – SHAKE which allows users to share files with their nearby features.

To facilitate communication across regions, the app has text messaging