Best Google Chrome Extensions

Best Google Chrome Extensions – Chrome has changed the way browsers are extended with new features. Extensions used to be annoying toolbars (remember the Ask toolbar?) and related spam-like add-ons. Today, I could not live without extensions. Here is a list of our favorite extensions used to build

Let’s go straight to the extensions. All extensions are sorted alphabetically, so be sure to check out the full list of the best Chrome (and mostly Edge) extensions.

Best Google Chrome Extensions

Let’s face it. Everyone needs a password manager. Password reuse is a thing of the past. 1Password is a good choice for a cross-platform password manager.

Google Chrome Extensions For Dedicated Teams

We’ve all been there. CORS errors when creating a remote service or even a local endpoint. With the Allow CORS extension, you can easily add

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder I often need to take browser screenshots while talking to clients and creating content for the documentation site. My favorite extension is Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder. The extension offers a number of features that allow

I am curious by nature. When I visit websites, I often wonder how the developers created them and what technologies they use. There are a number of extensions that can display some of these. I found the BuiltWith Technology Profiler shows some things that interest me.

ASP.NET Core has a dark mode on the developer exception page – aka the White Screen of Death. I prefer the colors provided by our Dark Screen of Death extension and the ability to easily switch themes directly on the exceptions page.

Stay Focused With These 5 Google Chrome Extensions

Although cookies may soon be a thing of the past, we still rely on a few cookies. With the EditThisCookie extension, you can easily change cookies and even add new ones. This is great for development, no need to reload the site etc.

Since I don’t speak English, I rely heavily on tools to avoid writing nonsense. Grammarly is hands down the best grammar checker extension out there. It integrates with all kinds of browser editors and offers a quick link button directly to the Grammarly website to grammar check anything.

JSON is such an integral part of modern website development. While there are many good JSON validators and formatter (such as our JSON formatter), formatting, syntax highlighting, and validation directly in the browser is essential. JSONVue is the best choice for Chrome IMO.

Although Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder also support screen recording, I prefer Screencastify for screen recording. One of the many nice features of Screencastify is that it provides a public link to the recorded video for easy sharing with other people. It also integrates directly with Google Drive so that all videos are automatically stored on your Drive.

The 8 Best Google Chrome Extensions For You

This extension helps you embed simple JavaScript and CSS code or even libraries from a CDN into web pages using URL rules. It can be used in development to test new code, add new functionality to existing code, manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM), or change the style sheet. It also has backup (import/export) of all added sites.

We are currently porting the app to Vue.js. We’ve found that the Vue.js devtools extension offers a great set of helpers in this process. This is essential when developing Vue.js applications.

Web accessibility is an often overlooked practice in web application development. The WAVE extension makes it a lot easier by providing feedback directly on the website by embedding colors and icons. It’s easy to forget how many people struggle with color blindness or similar. And small changes to the user interface can make a big difference.

You’re probably already familiar with the Lighthouse tab built into Chrome’s developer tools. webhint is a similar extension that scans your web pages and tells you what to fix. Lighthouse and webhint overlap, but I’ve noticed that Webhint makes recommendations that Lighthouse doesn’t, and vice versa.

Top 15 Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2023

You’re probably already testing your website on different screen sizes. Chrome’s developer tools also support this, but I found Window Resizer to be a bit better. It supports a wide range of screen resolutions within easy reach and even provides keyboard shortcuts.

I don’t often need to use WSDL services. But when I do, I use the Wizdler extension. The extension reads WSDL files and provides a popup that can be used to easily call each endpoint. It’s a bit like Soap’s simplified UI, but for the browser.

Similar to JSON, XML is not supported natively in Chrome (at least not much). XML Tree is the best extension I’ve found so far for formatting and highlighting XML files.

This post is brought to you by is error logging, uptime monitoring, deployment monitoring and service speed for your .NET and JavaScript applications. Stop relying on user notifications when something goes wrong or wading through hundreds of megabytes of log files spread across servers. With, we store all your journal messages, notify you via popular channels such as email. mail, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, and we help you quickly fix errors. One of the biggest advantages of Google Chrome is the huge selection of extensions available in the Chrome Web Store. From silly to serious, extensions make Chrome more powerful. Google even sometimes bundles the best extensions into the core product.

Best Chrome Extensions For Web Developers

Google Chrome extensions can do everything from blocking ads to helping you set colors. One popular vertical is the “productivity” category. But which ones are the best? To help you decide, I’ve rated over 32 Chrome extensions in the productivity category.

I then ranked the rest of the extensions in order of popularity from highest to lowest by number of users. Below, I’ve listed the five most popular Google Chrome extensions for users, in descending order.

Grammarly’s home page proclaims that “Anyone can be a great writer.” I have my doubts. But I have no doubt that anyone can be a

The Grammarly browser extension for Google Chrome works by checking everything you type on the web in real time. So, whether you’re typing in Gmail or LinkedIn (basically anything with a text field), Grammarly will act as a second pair of eyes and catch basic spelling and grammar mistakes. Each potential issue is highlighted in red, just like you’re used to seeing in Google Docs and Microsoft Word. If you hover over a word, Grammarly will suggest some corrections and offer to tell you more about the problem. This greatly reduces the time you spend looking for grammatical conventions.

Our 10 Picks For The Best Google Chrome Extensions

“I appreciate the clear description language and example sentences to illustrate errors,” writes Ben Moore in PC Mag. “It’s more comprehensive than what you get with the built-in grammar checkers in both Google Docs and Office 365.”

While the free version highlights errors in red, if you upgrade, the app highlights words or phrases that could be better in yellow, along with suggestions for improvements. You can also customize how Grammarly checks for errors for different document types. For example, you can write an academic paper and email. Other features include a plagiarism checker, a dictionary booster, and a check to make sure you’re spelling dates, abbreviations, times, and capitalization the same way throughout your document. The bonus starts at $11.66 per month if you pay annually.

Keep in mind that TrustPilot reviewers accuse Grammarly of overcharging, not allowing cancellations, unhelpful customer service, and incorrect changes. Apple lovers should be aware that the product does not support Office on Mac. It does not offer offline editing. Moore also points out security concerns with what is essentially a keylogger. He also advises content management system users to disable Grammarly with CMS because it tends to insert unnecessary code into the source text when there are copy errors.

If you’re writing academically, it’s important to note that Grammarly doesn’t check for writing styles like APA, MLA, etc. So if you’re looking for something to check that your citations are properly formatted, you’ll need a tool other than Grammarly.

The Best Google Chrome Extensions For Online Safety And Security

If you make a lot of basic grammar and spelling mistakes when writing online, Grammarly can save you time editing your prose. But at the free level, it doesn’t offer much that Google Docs or Microsoft Word don’t.

Do you know the new tab page? The default page that appears when you start Chrome or open a new tab? Momentum replaces that with a sleek, personalized dashboard that includes a daily photo, an inspirational quote/mantra, and a reminder of your daily focus. Momentum’s minimal yet stunning dashboard helps set the tone for a productive day/work session.

Other features include: task management, local weather updates and website shortcuts. If you upgrade to Momentum Plus, you’ll get access to task management integrations (like Trello and Asana, time tracking based on the Pomodoro Technique, soundscapes that play in the background while you work), and more. Momentum Plus starts at $3.33 per month when paid annually.

There’s not much we don’t like about Momentum – except for the paywall. We’re fans of the Momentum concept and the dashboard that comes with the free version

The 4 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Copywriters