Best Package Tracking Apps Android

Best Package Tracking Apps Android – Package tracking is something we all do these days. You order something from somewhere and it eventually appears. Some people order more things than others, and that requires a package tracker. Package tracking apps help you track your packages from multiple senders in a single and convenient user interface. It’s on par with other great Android tools and utilities. A good one should have a wide range of sender compatibility and a clean user interface. Here are the best package tracking apps for Android and iOS.

17Track is easily one of the best package tracking apps. It not only works with Android and iOS, but also with worldwide shipping. The massive list of 900 carriers is larger than most of its competitors, and the free version lets you track up to 40 packages simultaneously. You can archive any package to free up quota and add more. This should be enough for most consumer users. There are subscriptions available if you need even more than that.

Best Package Tracking Apps Android

In terms of usability, everything is as it should be. The UI is easy to learn and you receive push notifications when your packages have updates. However, we noticed some delays in updates. You may, for example, see updates more quickly on the USPS website than on the app sometimes. Even so, it still updates reasonably quickly and most people don’t seem to have any problems with it. It’s a good all-around option for productivity.

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AfterShip is one of the most popular package tracking mobile apps. It has a set of auto-detection features. For example, it can detect the carrier from the tracking number or automatically add packages based on the tracking data from your email. This requires you to grant access to the app’s email, which may irritate some privacy-conscious people. The feature is optional, but the application is a little annoying.

Otherwise, it works as advertised. You enter the tracking information and watch your package arrive to you. We didn’t have any issues with our test suite, although we didn’t push the app to its limits. It’s also free and ad-free, which is a nice touch.

Circuit Package Tracker is a decent option in this space. It omits many of the features of other apps to focus on a simpler, less complicated experience. Of course, this means it’s not as detailed as some other apps. This is good or bad depending on what you are looking for. Either way, there were no problems tracking our test package. It has a decent list of supported carriers, so most people should be in good hands with this one.

We had no issues during our testing. However, there are reports from some users that the app is slow to update package information when there is an update to report. Additionally, others said it sometimes takes a few tries for the tracking numbers to work. It’s a free app, so we’re giving it a try as it seems to work the vast majority of the time, but it’s something to keep in mind.

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Entregas is an application that focuses on simplicity. It doesn’t support a huge list of carriers like some of its competitors. However, it makes up for it with a simple user interface, good features, and good performance. Adding deliveries is quite easy and features like the map view work really well. Even notifications work as per spec. There’s also support for macOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and direct iMessage integration.

Of course, an Apple-focused product like this means there’s no Android version, so this is one of those recommendations we can only give to our iOS readers. Also, this used to be a premium app. However, it switched to a subscription service a little while ago, which angered some longtime users. It uses iCloud to sync, which is free for iOS users, so it’s a curiosity. Either way, it’s still good and at least the annual subscription is cheap.

Gmail isn’t the most advanced package tracker, but package tracking integration can eliminate the need for another app.

Gmail launched a package tracking feature during the last few months of 2021. It’s very simple. You receive an email with your delivery information and the app automatically turns it into a shipping card for you to view. From there, you can click on the links in the email to find more information. It’s a nice feature to have, especially if you ship more packages than the average person, but you might not need an entirely separate app to track them.

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There are some downsides to this, however. It doesn’t scale well. People who use services like this for business probably need something more robust. So this option falls into a weird niche where you might want better-than-average package tracking but don’t need those extra features. We think Google will improve this feature over time, so it could get even better.

OneTracker was released in 2021, making it one of the newer apps on this list comparatively. It has most of the main features. This includes map view, support for the world’s largest carriers, and push notifications. The UI has too much white space for my personal taste, but fortunately it’s easy to read and manage. Adding things is quite easy and the app can automatically analyze email delivery information like most competitors.

There’s not much wrong with it other than integrity. The developer is still adding features and fixing bugs, so it’s not yet as mature as some of its competitors. Additionally, it supports more than 80 carriers. This is enough for the most basic use, but others support hundreds of carriers, so it falls a little behind. Otherwise, it’s a solid option in this space.

ORRs is a popular package tracking option for Android users. It employs a simple user interface that is easy to read without looking too cluttered. Also, I personally think brown is a very underrated color for an application. Anyway, adding packages is quite easy and there is also an email detection option. You can sort deliveries by categories, see updates, and there’s integration with Google Maps to see where your package is.

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The only glaring concern is notifications. It sends a new notification for each update and you cannot configure push notifications to reduce the number. It’s a small detail and doesn’t detract from the usefulness of the application. There is a professional version for a flat fee that also adds some features. It doesn’t have a huge list of supported carriers like some others, but it should be enough for decent worldwide support.

Parcel is an easy choice for a package tracker. It has excellent integration with the Apple ecosystem with support for Siri, macOS, widgets and Apple Watch. According to the standard, this tight integration means there is no Android version, which always makes us sad. The user interface is very good, sync times are reasonable compared to many others, and the developer supports over 300 carriers.

Our only complaint is that the free version is a little underwhelming. You’re limited to just three packages, which makes it a demo rather than a tried-and-true free version. After all, if you only need to track three packages simultaneously, you don’t need something like this. Therefore, we only recommend this if you intend to subscribe. Fortunately, the subscription is not very expensive.

Parcels is a good app from an independent developer. You get all the usual features like map view, push notifications, and automatic email detection. We also like that you can log into places like Amazon and eBay to get delivery information straight from the source. It’s a nice touch that some competitors don’t match. Additionally, the card-based UI is very clean and we think it looks good on both iOS and Android.

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It suffers a bit in terms of bugs and slowdowns. Sometimes packages are slow to update when new information is available. The developer is only one human, so it is difficult to support an application on two platforms. There is no judgment here, but it shows that attention is somewhat divided. The app works great most of the time, but when it doesn’t, it really doesn’t work.

Web apps are generally not a path we recommend people take. However, there are some decent options in this space, including Postal Ninja and Ship Rip. You enter your tracking number and you will be able to track your package. Many apps in this space let you register with one account so you can track multiple packages at once, and it seems free most of the time.

Not a bad option if you need more than the average person. You can track lots of different packages from all over the world this way. Many websites are also localized in several different formats.