Black Clover M Guide

Black Clover M Guide – Black Clover M is an anime-style turn-based RPG developed by Vic Game Studios and published by Garena. It is an officially licensed game that uses the Black Clover manga/anime IP (intellectual property). Players can expect to collect and use all of their favorite characters from the manga/anime, including Yuno, Asta, Yami Tsukehiro, and the Lich. Developed by the same game studio as The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, we can already see many similarities between the two games. Some similarities include the dungeon system, different PvE and PvP game modes, and beautifully rendered live 3D models of all characters. All characters are also given fully rendered animations as well as amazing particle effects for routine movements. Gamers can download and install Clover Mobile for free on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store after its worldwide launch.

In this beginner’s guide for Black Clover M, we will explain all the main systems in the game that will help every new player who comes to the game a lot. We believe that you can excel in any game by understanding the fundamentals of all the systems in it. Remember that we are mainly focusing on systems that are important for a new player to understand before playing the game. Most of the information is compiled from our personal experience playing Black Clover M on Korean servers. Some information is also taken from popular websites such as and the official Chaos Server. Friendly Caution Since this is a beginner’s guide, we try to keep the language very level and new player friendly.

Black Clover M Guide

Since Black Clover M has not yet been released, we recommend that players use this guide to make their own decisions. There is a chance that some last-minute changes will occur in the global version of the game. The different subtopics listed in this guide are:

Pre Registrations Open For Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King Game

Black Clover M is an arcade game where players can attract different types of characters using different summon flags. Each character is further differentiated based on their base flaws. This is due to the fact that each rare case has its own unique reason for being called out of the old system. This is a standard trope of old games. The higher a character’s rarity, the lower the chance of summoning them. The lower the rarity of a character, the higher the chance to summon them. Over time, if you’re a new player, and if you’re a veteran of the genre, you’ll already know it well. Also, Black Clover M does a great job of explaining the calling mechanism within the tutorial.

Currently, the gacha system in Black Clover M has both character and skill pages. Characters have a 60% overall summon chance, and skill pages have a 40% chance to summon overall. These probabilities are divided by the rarity differences that both characters and skill pages have.

Black Clover M is a multi-call flag. Different summon flags that new players will see when entering the summon list:

Rate-Up Summoning Banner – In this summoning banner, players can summon R-SSR characters and skill pages with a fixed probability. This flag is recommended to use your initial call when trying to restart the game. In this flag, some SSR characters and SSR skill pages have a higher chance of being summoned. Starlight Revelation is the call money used to call this flag. A special discount rate of only 3000 starlights is applicable compared to the regular 6000 starlights for 10000 calls. This flag disappears after players call 20 times. Suitable for re-rolling.

Black Clover: Sword Of The Wizard King

Normal Summon Banner – In this summon banner, players can summon 1-3 star characters. These summon flags usually show a certain character as a percentage, meaning that players have a higher chance of summoning that particular character. Players are guaranteed to summon a 3-star character with an increased rate after summoning 300 times on the flag by exchanging pieces of dust. Spirit tickets are the calling currency used here. Players can earn Soul Tickets from events as part of new character introductions. Don’t worry because you can use Starlight Revelation to summon this flag. Each 10 summons costs 10 soul tickets or 6000 star revelations.

Starter Summoning Banner – In this special summoning banner, players can summon R-SSR characters and skill pages with a fixed probability. This flag is given to all players who want to play the game. In this flag, players are guaranteed to summon at least 1 SSR character and 1 SSR skill page. The number of characters available is limited, and not all SSR characters can be drawn from this flag. Players can make 20 free calls in a row, 10 times per call. This flag disappears after players call 20 times. Suitable for re-rolling.

Black Crystal – A consumable used to summon heroes from different summoning banners. Players can obtain Black Crystals by searching for certain events, completing achievements, or purchasing them directly through microelectronics.

Kizuna Gacha Tickets are consumables used to summon heroes from different summoning banners. Players can earn this money by completing different tasks such as daily tasks, pre-registration rewards and event tasks. These tickets can also be purchased using Black Crystals for 1200 Black Crystals per 10 Kizuna Gacha Tickets.

Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King Pre Registrations Now Live!

Black Clover M’s combat mechanics are relatively easy to understand for veterans of the genre who have played similar games. For new players, they are not that complicated, but definitely require some practice to master first. First things first, no matter what stage of the game you are in, you need at least 4 characters to form a team. Each character should be provided with a skill page to increase their power. The beginning stages are fairly easy, but the enemies’ power levels gradually become ridiculous, requiring you to think.

Black Clover M uses the popular type/element system to make the game more strategic. It’s a system that’s been used over and over since the Pokemon era. Each character is assigned a specific type/element. Each element is strong/weak against the other element. Some elements are also neutral against other elements.

As we can see above, this is a typical example of bringing better elements into the fight to gain an advantage against the enemy. Don’t worry because you’ll see which enemies are good/bad against your character when you engage in battle when the game highlights elements. What’s the advantage you ask? Well, here are the pros and cons associated with elemental differences:

In Black Clover M, a balanced team formation becomes key when facing any enemy. This requires more strategy and tactics rather than just wading your way through mindless and brutal enemies. While brute force may work in the early game, this strategy fails at higher levels as the enemies scale better than your character. Bringing a variety of characters is key to winning the battle. A good teaming recommendation is to bring 2 attackers, 1 defender and 1 support/healer. In some cases, you can even bring 1 supporter, 1 healer, 1 attacker and 1 defender. Before starting any battle, you’ll be given a preview of the enemies coming into battle. It is very useful to make a group of characters that are superior to them.

Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King Gets A Worldwide Release

The combat mechanics are relatively easy. Each character can only act on their turn (exceptions may be made in the case of certain passive abilities or character traits). Players can see this turn order of your allies and enemies on the right side of the battle screen. Each battle can have many waves of enemies and you have to defeat them all. Characters’ action gauges are located below their icons and are highlighted in yellow. The rate at which movement gauges are filled depends on each hero’s individual speed state. The higher the speed, the faster the movement scale. The HP bar is represented by a green bar above the movement bar. If this drops to 0, your character will fail.

Black Clover M has many features