Create Gmail Account Tutorial

Create Gmail Account Tutorial – Setting up a Gmail account is easy. First, you’ll create a Google Account and choose a name for your Gmail account during the quick sign-up process. In this lesson, we’ll show you how to set up a Google account for Gmail, add and edit contacts, and edit your mail settings.

To create a Gmail address, you must first create a Google account. Gmail will take you to the Google account registration page. You will need to provide basic information such as your name, date of birth, gender and location. You’ll also need to choose a name for your new Gmail address. Once you’ve created an account, you can start adding contacts and customizing your mail settings.

Create Gmail Account Tutorial

As with any online service, it’s important to choose a strong password, in other words, one that is difficult for someone else to guess. For more information, review our lesson on creating strong passwords.

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When you first create an account, you will be signed in automatically. However, most of the time you’ll need to sign in to your account and sign out when you’re done. Signing out is especially important if you use a shared computer (such as a library or office) because it prevents others from viewing your emails.

In the upper right corner of the page, find the circle containing your first initial (if you’ve already selected an avatar image, the image will be displayed instead). To sign out, click on the circle and select Sign Out.

Sometimes you can customize the look or feel of Gmail. For example, you can create a signature or vacation reply, edit labels, or change the theme. These adjustments can be made from your mail settings.

Like all major email providers, Gmail lets you save a contact address book so you don’t have to memorize everyone’s email addresses. You can also add other contact information, such as phone numbers, birthdays, and physical addresses.

How To Create A Gmail Account

By default, when you send an email to a new address, Gmail adds the address to your contacts. You can then go to Contacts to edit your personal information as needed.

You may already have a contact list from another email address and it would be a lot of work to re-enter all of that information manually. Gmail allows you to import contacts from another email account, and you can even import all your emails from that account. Several email providers are supported, including Yahoo!, Hotmail, and AOL. Tired of switching Gmail accounts to check your emails on the account you use most? You’re not alone. In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to change your default Gmail account from your computer or mobile device. So you can save time and energy.

With Gmail, you can open as many free accounts as you want. However, using multiple Gmail accounts also has a downside: you have to sign in multiple times.

Over the years, Gmail has made it easy to switch between accounts. To switch between different Gmail accounts, you can now click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of your browser window.

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A panel will open showing the Gmail account you’re signed in to and all the accounts associated with it. Just click on the one you want to access. And Gmail will take you there.

Sounds easy enough, right? But still. Repeating this process several times a day can be frustrating. A good way around this is to set a different default account on each device you use Gmail on.

Quick example: Let’s say you have 2 Gmail accounts. One for work. The other is your personal account.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to set your work account as the default account on the computer you use for work? And then set the personal account as the default account on the phone?

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That way, your personal emails won’t distract you while you’re at work. You will not receive work emails on your phone during breaks, evenings and holidays. And the best part? You don’t need to switch Gmail accounts 10 times a day to check your emails.

Sound like music to your ears? Then we’ll get you there. In this short tutorial, we will show you how to directly change the default Gmail account on PC, Android or iPhone.

Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t have a “Choose default account” button. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even need this guide. But don’t be afraid. There is an easy way to change your default Gmail account from your computer.

Step 4: Select “Sign out of all accounts”. Note that this will sign you out of all your Gmail accounts.

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And that’s all. This account is now your new default Gmail account. This means that whenever you want to check your emails on your computer, Gmail will show this account first.

Once you’ve chosen your default Gmail account, you can link it to other Gmail accounts to easily switch from one account to another. To add secondary accounts to your new default account, just follow these 4 easy steps:

And voilà. Your secondary account is now linked to the new default account. Click your profile picture (top right corner of the screen) again to see your default Gmail account.

You can repeat this process as many times as you like. Just follow the 4 steps above to add more secondary accounts.

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And remember, if you want to change your default Gmail account again, just sign out of all your accounts. The first account you sign into will become your new default account.

Managing Google accounts from the Gmail app can be a bit tricky. Therefore, you may want to change your default Gmail account from your mobile browser. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Open Google Chrome on your Android device. Go to and tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 5. Enter the email address of the Gmail account you want to set as the new default account. Then press next.

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All completed. This account is now the primary Gmail account on your Android device. You can link it to as many secondary Google Accounts as you want.

Send emails from iPhone or iPad? Follow these 4 easy steps to change your default Gmail account on iOS:

The next time you send an email using the Mail app on your iPad or iPhone, that email will be sent from the default Gmail account you just selected.

As explained, there is no “Choose default account” option in Gmail. Therefore, the only way to change the default Gmail account is to log out of all your profiles. You will then need to log in to each account again. So be sure to remember your passwords.

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If you use Gmail on different devices, you can set a different primary Gmail account on each device. However, you cannot have two default Gmail accounts on the same device.

If you delete your default Gmail account, all data associated with that account will be lost, including emails, files, photos, and calendars. And you won’t be able to use Google services associated with that email account, such as Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Play.

However, deleting the default account will not affect your other Gmail accounts. Once the default account is deleted, simply log in to another account. And it will become your new primary Gmail account.

Setting the correct default Gmail account on each device is easy. And it will save your time and energy everyday.

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Once you’ve set up a default email account, you can use Google Add-ons, for example, to top up your Gmail account and unlock new exclusive features. Use to:

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