Google Meets New Pip Mode Chrome Almost An App

Google Meets New Pip Mode Chrome Almost An App – Google has announced a new update for picture-in-picture (PiP) mode in its Google Meet video calling app. Now you can do a lot more than mute, leave a meeting, or turn off the camera right from the picture-in-picture window.

The updated picture-in-picture window allows for additional things like raising your hand, using meeting chat, turning subtitles on/off, and accessing flexible layouts. Also, you can resize the picture-in-picture display more efficiently. These new features will be available to all Google Workspace users and personal Google Accounts through the Chrome browser. Google said it could take up to 15 days for the updated picture-in-picture experience to roll out to all users.

Google Meets New Pip Mode Chrome Almost An App

Google Meet’s PiP mode launched almost a year ago, in June. As the name suggests, it allows you to continue video meetings in a floating window while you can work on other browser tabs. For example, if you want to check an important email during a video meeting or search for something that is being discussed among your peers. A floating window in the image lets you see up to four meeting participant video tiles, and you can drag it anywhere on the screen to make sure it’s not hiding any important information.

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To use this feature, click the three-dot menu at the bottom of the Google Meet tab and select Open picture-in-picture mode from the list. Google said its “new picture-in-picture experience provides greater flexibility when sharing screens or navigating to a relevant screen for a more dynamic experience.

In recent months, Google has added a bunch of new features to Google Meet such as the ability to mute individual video feeds, interoperability with Zoom, and control access to files shared during calls. Earlier this year, the noise cancellation feature on Google Meet for Android was expanded to more devices.

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Guide Here’s how you can get the Windows 11 Moment 4 update right away. Windows 11 Moment 4 Earlier this year, Chrome added support for more advanced picture-in-picture (PiP), and Google Meet PiP now uses it with a major upgrade.

As before, “Open picture-in-picture” in Meet’s drop-down menu. The user interface is very reminiscent of Google Meet for Android or iOS, with full controls at the bottom and people showing up vertically if you have four feeds.

Previously, you could only toggle the camera or microphone on/off and exit meetings, while the user interface was just a landscape rectangle.

Our new picture-in-picture experience provides more flexibility when sharing screens or navigating to the relevant screen for a more dynamic experience.

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The new Google Meet PiP in Chrome will be “available to all Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google accounts.” It appears in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Google has updated the user interface for accepting people into meetings. Instead of being a distracting dialog, it’s now part of the People sidebar.

You’re reading — the experts who post day-in, day-out news about Google and its surrounding ecosystem. Be sure to check our homepage for all the latest news and follow on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up to date. Don’t know where to start? Check out our exclusive stories, reviews, tutorials and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Google just made it easier for you to multitask even while a Google Meet call is on. The company has added picture-in-picture (PiP) support for Google Meet on Chrome, and this will be especially handy at times when you need to access documents or another website while attending a Google Meet call.

As expected, the PiP version of Google Meet won’t show you all the participants on the call because it’s obviously a smaller window. Instead, the Google Meet popup will show you only four callers, presumably the most recent speakers. This pop-up window will float over all other windows open on your desktop allowing you to continue working, download a document, check other sites, etc., while attending the call.

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You can switch to picture-in-picture mode at any time during a call. When the feature becomes available to you, you can activate it by right-clicking on the call and selecting PiP from the context menu.

Additionally, Google is also adding a multi-pin feature to calls that allows users to have multiple video feeds active at any given time during a call. “This will provide more flexibility in how you combine people and content, allowing you to customize the display in a way that best serves your meeting,” Google explained.

Both PiP and the multipin feature are rolling out gradually as they are on an extended rollout plan for Google and it could take more than two weeks for everyone to get it. The new features are coming to all users on Google Workspace, G Suite, and for personal accounts.

Also read: You’ll soon be able to kick unruly callers out of Google Meet calls and keep them out Google is updating its video conferencing platform — Google Meet — by adding new features to Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode. Picture-in-picture mode allows users to work in other windows on their desktops without having to exit the application. The picture-in-picture feature on Google Meet has been available in Chrome browsers since last year.

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Users can now access any tab in the Chrome browser while on a call. Additionally, Google Meet users will now be able to see up to four video tiles of meeting participants in a floating window at the top of any app.

“Our new picture-in-picture experience provides greater flexibility when sharing screens or navigating to the relevant screen for a more dynamic experience,” the company said in a blog post.

According to the company, the picture-in-picture feature in Google will now allow users to raise their hand, turn subtitles on and off, access flexible layouts and more.

In addition, users can also pin multiple video feeds which will provide more flexibility in how you combine people and content. This feature will allow users to customize the display in a way that works best for them. When it comes to multitasking, users can edit, monitor and take notes while on a call.

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“We hope these features make it easier for presenters and meeting attendees to stay engaged in their meeting,” the company added.

Google has announced plans to introduce a new viewing mode feature on its video conferencing platform, Google Meet. This feature will set everyone as an observer during meetings by default. The company aims to help Google Meet users organize large meetings and “help reduce potential meeting disruptions, such as audio interruptions.” Google Workspace Enterprise Plus users can now increase the maximum number of meeting participants to 1,000, up from 500.

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Google Meet introduces new features that will allow you to interact with colleagues, as well as view other documents or web pages. One of the features is Google Meet PiP mode (picture in picture) which opens a miniature window over the current screen of your Meet video call. The second is multi-pinning. Google confirmed in a blog post: “We’re bringing picture-in-picture to Google Meet to Chrome browsers on the web. You’ll be able to see up to four meeting participant video tiles in a floating window on top of other apps.”

This will allow you to communicate with people in the meeting, as well as have documents and other content open on the screen at the same time. While you are in a Google Meet web call, you will need to tap on the three-dot menu icon available next to the disconnect option. This will bring up the option of the new “Open Picture in Picture” feature. Once selected, this will open a mini window in the bottom right corner, while full screen you will still be able to take control of your video call. Google Meet will display up to four tiles while in Picture-in-Picture mode, 9to5Google says. Each tile will bring the person’s name with other icons such as mute, disable video, end call or return to full screen mode. Also Read: How To Change Google Meet Wallpaper; make