Google Photos Explainer

Google Photos Explainer – Recently, a controversial post appeared on the internet claiming that ‘images in Google Photos are racist,’ both true and false. Because you can only see images, by default. This is true for both – photos and photos backed up on your device. Even the visibility of photos in albums is limited to you.

However, if you share photos, then others can see them and enter the shared books. Who can see those pictures is in the mode of sharing. That’s what you will know tomorrow.

Google Photos Explainer

In this post, we’ll dive deeper into the link sharing feature available in Google Photos, including its permissions, settings, and how shared albums work.

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So, let’s see what happens when you share photos with Google Photos. Before that, we need to understand shared albums as they play an important role in Google Photos.

Unlike previous albums, shared albums in Google Photos can be viewed by others, by name. Shared albums are owned by other participants or viewers.

Each shared album on Google Photos has a unique link. Anyone who links to an album has the right to view its content – whether they have a Google account or not. Content is a single image, and an album contains multiple images.

If collaboration is enabled (more on that below), others can add photos to shared albums. Not only that, those participants can also add people to that shared album and upload their pictures (you’ll be notified about it, though).

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Also, if you add new photos to that shared album in the future, anyone with the same link or share in the shared album can view those new photos as well.

Now you know about shared photos and how to add photos to this shared album.

Whether you’re using Google Photos on the mobile apps or the web version, you’ll see Create Links under Share. Once clicked or tapped, a unique link will appear. You should copy this link and send it to the person you want to share that photo with. Use this method when you want to share a single picture.

You can share via messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, etc., send via email or SMS, post on social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Anyone connected (whether they’re in your Google contacts or not) can access the photo.

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Since creating a link is a shared album, you can add people to the album. When added, they can’t upload their photos by default, but you can enable collaboration settings, then they can add.

In addition, photos shared via the share-link method do not appear directly in Google Photos servers unless you share them with Google Photos contacts or a Google account. In the latter case, the recipient must enter the album in order for it to appear in their Google Photos and website.

Since privacy is important, we are mentioning this again. Anyone who has the link to the picture (it’s for a shared album) can see the picture. You don’t need a Google account to access photos. The person you shared it with can connect with others and they can also view the image.

Link sharing makes it easy to share photos without barriers. The recipient can use any platform, app, account, etc. It doesn’t matter. As long as they have the link, they can view it.

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No. Although links to images can be accessed by the person who owns them, it does not mean that the links will be found on Google Search. Anyone can link if someone shares it.

In addition to creating links, you’ll also see contacts with a Google Photos icon on them. It indicates that people are active in Google Photos. On mobile apps, click on the More option followed by the small down arrow to view their email id.

Now when you share a picture with such contacts, they will be notified in the app that you have shared a picture with them. The recipient must use a Google account linked to Google Photos to view the shared photo.

Once they view it for the first time, you’ll get an in-app notification that the recipient has viewed the photo. Use this method to share multiple photos with anyone at any time.

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It may be thought that only the Google Photos user can access the pictures shared using this method. Although it seems true, the reality is different. Because sharing photos like this creates a shared album.

Technically, they have to use their Google account to view the picture. But, as mentioned earlier, a shared album is a general relationship. So the Google Photos user you shared the picture with can copy this link and share it with anyone.

Yes, you are right. You will never know. Unless a specific participant adds that person to the shared album. Only you will be notified.

Whether you are an owner or a member of a shared album, you can add people to it. Also, you can copy its link and share it with others.

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To do so, open the share album (under Share) and click the photo icon at the top.

Then on the sharing options screen, click on Ask people, then select the person. To copy the link, use the one below Link to share. When you share that link, the recipient doesn’t have a Google Photos account. It gets the features of the ‘Create Link’ feature that allows the person who owns the link.

All shared pictures (shared by linking with Google Photos users) get a special feature in Google Photos. Also known as Tiri, it is available in mobile applications and web version. It’s on the left in the web version and at the bottom in the mobile apps.

Here, you’ll find all the photos you’ve shared and others have shared with you. You can find shared books here. Albums created using the link sharing method will sport the Link share label. Even albums shared with other users will have a Google Photos name (for Google Photos users) or an email/phone number.

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Clicking on a shared album will reveal more information about it, such as included photos, viewers and more. In the album, you will find photos of the people involved in the album. Tapping on it will show the sharing settings.

You can only see the people who were invited and included in the album. People who view the Google Photos sharing link directly will not appear in Google Photos. For example, a connected person can view in incognito mode. Whose identity will Google Photos show in that case? No one.

Step 2: Click on the triple-dot icon and select Options from it. Alternatively, click on the profile picture.

Step 3: The app will take you to album options. Now turn off the toggle on the Tiri side.

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When you do, the shared album will be deleted and removed from all Google Photos users who are logged in. Likewise, anyone with a relationship will not be able to participate.

Your photos will remain on your device. However, photos that others have added to this album will be removed if you remove them or add them to your library.

Sometimes, we accidentally add people to our shared albums or we don’t like the person someone else added to the album. Usually, one waits for the button to remove that person from the shared album. Unfortunately, you can’t remove someone from a shared album right now.

To download one, you will have two options. You should block the person (worse) or stop sharing the album with everyone shown above. Then re-invite the people you still want to share with. The two methods are not mutually exclusive. Hopefully Google will offer a better solution.

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If someone is spamming you by adding you to shared albums, luckily, you have the right to leave them. To leave, open shared album options and click Leave Album next to your name.

As mentioned before, Google Photos users who agree to view shared albums can add photos to it. However, if you do not like that behavior, you can cancel the cooperation. Unfortunately, you can’t do it for just one person. You will get the option to turn it off for everyone.

If so, go to the shared album options. Then turn off the toggle next to Collaboration. Also, you can delete comments and likes.

Shared photos remain in the album unless the owner removes them from their own Google Photos. So,

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