Google Pixel Watch 2

Google Pixel Watch 2 – Update, September 25, 2023 (03:09 PM ET): We’ve updated this Google Pixel Watch 2 rumor hub with new colors, features, and rumored pricing.

Main article: After years of rumors and speculation, the Google Pixel Watch hits the shelves to mixed reviews. Some specs, like the unique Fitbit integration and minimal design, knock it out of the park. Others, like the disappointing battery life, spoke volumes. Now, we’re just weeks away from seeing if Google’s second-generation smartwatch can polish off the rough edges of its first smartwatch. Stay tuned to hear everything we know about the Google Pixel Watch 2!

Google Pixel Watch 2

The original Pixel Watch debuted at Google’s Made by Google hardware event, which is always in October. So, we fully expect Google to launch the Pixel Watch 2 at this year’s MBG event.

Google Will Reportedly Release The Pixel Watch 2 This Fall

Like clockwork, Google started sending out invites to the Pixel hardware event at the end of August. That event is scheduled for October 4, 2023, at 10:00 AM ET, and will almost certainly mark the launch of the Pixel Watch 2. We know this because Google showed off the clock in a teaser ad promoting the event.

But what about pricing? Google priced the original Pixel Watch at $349.99 for the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi base model, and $50 more for the LTE version. This price tag puts the Pixel Watch right in the middle of the best wearables of the year, including the Apple Watch Series 8 and Galaxy Watch 6. We found the price to be a bit harsh given the shortcomings of the first-generation device at the time. .

We expect Google to work out some of the original Pixel Watch kinks. In all likelihood, the sequel will be a more powerful smartwatch. Barring a major economic change or dramatic change in the wearable’s feature set, we expect the second-generation Pixel Watch to launch in the US at a similar rate.

In particular, Roland Quandt says that the Pixel Watch 2 may see a slight price increase in the UK. Quandt says the Wi-Fi-only model will likely start at £349 (~$426), which represents a £10 increase from last year’s £339 ($414) price. It is unclear whether this price increase will hit the United States or other countries.

Google Pixel Watch 2’s Likely Features: Know More

The beauty of the original Pixel Watch was one of the most celebrated aspects of the device. Thanks to years of teases and leaks, consumers knew what to expect, but the first Google Watch delivered an even better experience in person. Thanks to the aforementioned teaser, we know that the Pixel Watch 2 will be identical to the Pixel Watch.

We’ve also learned through reliable leaks that the rims are back; Unfortunately, they are just as thick as before. But the display has been updated with a new panel from Samsung Display. That panel will still have a 1.2-inch round OLED and 384 x 384 resolution.

We’re relatively certain that Google will only offer the Pixel Watch 2 in a single 41mm dial size. A larger option fits larger wrists, but it doesn’t seem to be coming this year.

The new smartwatch will come with Wear OS 4, which should include several improvements such as dynamic themes. It also has support for seamless updates, a first for a smartwatch. We’re also counting on the return of customizable tiles, integrated Fitbit apps, and a wide range of third-party apps.

Google Pixel Watch 2 Uk Price Leaks Ahead Of Made By Google Event

We expect the Pixel Watch 2 to land in three colors: black, silver, and gold. In particular, we have already seen black and silver options. We saw the black model leaked from Roland Quandt (see above), while the silver color appeared in the official Google T-shirt video, which was covered earlier in this article. That leaves us yet to see a gold model. However, given the design similarities between the Pixel Watch 2 and the original, it should match the Pixel Watch’s current champagne gold option.

As for band colors, we’ve already seen a bunch. The black band at the top is the same, and we’ve also seen Haze, Porcelain and Sky bands to match the Pixel 8 series’ color lines. We’ve also seen sports bands in a variety of colors including red, blue, gray and white. Finally, we saw a gold metal band and a blue cloth band.

The Pixel Watch 2 has the same connectivity method as the Pixel Watch, so it’s reasonable to assume that all Pixel Watch bands will work with the Pixel Watch 2. Shopping around the Google Store.

Google plans to add four new watch faces to its library, according to developer Kamila Wojciechowska. One of these watch faces is called “Accessible,” which uses a simple, understated style. Four accessible variants have been reported:

A New Google Pixel Watch Will Reportedly Come Out Later This Year Alongside The Pixel 8

The second new watch face is called “Arc”. This watch face is highly customizable and offers several options, including a choice of indexes, a toggle option (which controls how many complications and components are visible on the watch face), and a toggle to enable or disable the second hand.

Next is the “Bold Digital” watch face, which uses a bold, layered font and contrasting colors between certain numbers. This particular watch face only comes in two variants: Just Time and Radial.

The last new watch face is “Analog Bold”. Unlike the Arc, this is a customizable analog watch face with hour-filled hands and bold numbers in every configuration. This has a pair of variants with up to four complex positions.

In addition to these watch faces, Google is also reportedly shipping the Pixel Watch 2 with Dynamic Faces, which can extract colors from an active watch face and apply them around the watch’s UI. And the boot animation uses the same dynamic colors.

Google Pixel Watch 2: Release Date, Rumors, Price, What We Know So Far

We also managed to get our hands on a retail animation that should play on demo units. It does not reveal any features or other information about the watch; However, it is still very beautiful animation in material style.

The biggest changes to the Pixel Watch 2 may be under the skin. Thanks to Kamila Wojciechowska for the licker and contributor,

The processor is confirmed to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 chip. This chip has four ARM Cortex-A53 cores running at 1.7GHz and a more modern Adreno 702 GPU.

There are various improvements that come with this processor, but one of the most notable improvements is efficiency. The Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 is built on the same Samsung 4nm process as most of its 2021 and 2022 smartphone chips, offering a big performance upgrade over the older chip. It also supports new low-power states like Deep Sleep and Hibernation, which should further improve the Pixel Watch 2’s battery life.

Sources: Pixel Watch 2 Will Use Aluminum, Fitbit ‘coach’ Coming

Another trick that Google is giving the Pixel Watch 2 is Ultra Wide Band (UWB). The device will have an NXP SR100T UWB module to enable new applications. While there is no word on software features for this technology, it can be used for accurate device tracking. This coincides with Google finally launching the Find My Device network.

In August, the Pixel Watch 2 appeared in the Google Play Console device catalog. Along with confirming the release, the listing also revealed that the Watch 2 will come with either 1.8GB or 1.9GB of RAM, possibly being marketed as 2GB.

All signs point to continued integration of Fitbit’s tool kit and companion app when it comes to fitness tracking. The watch certainly tracks basic stats including steps, floors, distance, active zone minutes, calories, and heart rate. In June, Google gave the Pixel Watch the ability to monitor blood oxygen levels; This feature will definitely find its way to the Pixel Watch 2. You should also continue to get Fitbit’s amazing sleep tracking platform and more devices and features with the Fitbit Premium account.

Sensor-wise, the tracker has a built-in GPS, accelerometer, altimeter, compass, gyroscope, optical heart rate sensor and Fitbit’s ECG app, as well as an SPO2 sensor that remains active from the start.

I Love The Pixel Watch, But Here’s What Pixel Watch 2 Needs To Fix

A late May report seems to further support this belief. In our testing, we found the first watch to be reliable for GPS accuracy and heart rate tracking for the average user. We expect the same performance in the next iteration.

In an earlier Google video, we confirmed the presence of an electrodermal activity sensor (EDA), a heart rate sensor, sleep tracking, and an oxygen saturation sensor (SpO2). The video reveals that the smartwatch will have an IP68 rating with water resistance up to 50m.

In addition to these sensors, there may be a thermometer that measures skin temperature, similar to the Fitbit Sense 2. Google is also equipping the Pixel Watch 2 with stress tracking, personal safety improvements, and an update to the Fitbit UI.

As for Google’s Personal Safety app, it also works with car crash detection, automatically displaying a user’s medical information when an accident is detected. A user can schedule security.

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