Google Watch Unlock Hands On Setup Screenshots

Google Watch Unlock Hands On Setup Screenshots – Apple has officially released iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 to the public, bringing a big change to the integration between iPhone and Apple Watch. For the first time, you can use your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask. How does this work?

To enable the unlock function with Apple Watch; Open the Settings app on your iPhone; Then find the “Face ID & Passcode” setting. Once you flip this switch, Your Apple Watch will be able to authenticate your iPhone as long as it meets the following conditions:

Google Watch Unlock Hands On Setup Screenshots

Another thing to be aware of here is that if you turn off the Apple Watch wrist detection feature. You won’t be able to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch.

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Once you turn on the feature, your iPhone will automatically unlock with your Apple Watch the next time you wear the mask. When you unlock your iPhone, You’ll get a haptic feedback notification on your Apple Watch that your iPhone has been unlocked by Apple Watch. There’s also an option to quickly “unlock iPhone” directly from an Apple Watch notification.

The feature is similar to the Apple Watch unlock function on Mac, but in my early testing it appears to be faster and more reliable. On a Mac, Access controls in System Preferences on Apple Watch; It can be used for a variety of different authentication tasks, including making Apple Pay purchases and more.

On the iPhone, Apple Watch unlocking is limited to unlocking your iPhone while wearing your cover. If your iPhone can’t detect if you’re wearing a face mask, it’s Apple Pay. It doesn’t work for things like credit card autofill in Safari or using the Apple Card features in the Wallet app. In that case, If you’re wearing a mask, you’ll still need to enter your passcode.

The “Lock iPhone” button is an important security step as it allows you to re-lock your iPhone if unlocked by someone else wearing a mask. This feature doesn’t appear to be scanning your face. Instead, It’s simply looking for a mask, It’ll use proximity to unlock your Apple Watch when you register a face, whether it’s yours or someone else’s.

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Finally, The important thing to note here is that the Unlock with Apple Watch feature isn’t as secure as unlocking with Face or passcode, but it’s more convenient.

Despite its limitations, Support for unlocking your iPhone with Apple Watch while wearing a face mask is a big change amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (U.S. readers, please note that vaccine distribution is not as far off from other countries around the world.)

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Apple Watch is already easy enough to set up, but tweaking a few settings can make a big difference. for example, You can decide how you want to activate Siri; Choose which apps appear in your dock; Make your apps appear as a list view instead of a grid, and you can set Portrait Mode photos from your iPhone as your watch wallpaper.

This story is about your technology during the holiday season. It’s part of 12 Days of Tips to help you make the most of your home and health.

$249 Apple Watch SE; You’ll be able to use these features and settings on any watch model Apple currently sells, including the $399 Apple Watch Series 8 and the rugged $799 Apple Watch Ultra.

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Apple’s WatchOS 9 update that arrived in September brought more features to the Apple Watch Series 4 and beyond. Extras include a new app for more detailed sleep monitoring and medication tracking.

Here’s a look at the Apple Watch settings you should change to get the most out of your watch.

With the release of WatchOS 7 in 2020, Apple added the option to change your goals for how long you stand and exercise. Previously, you could only change your move (or calorie) goal.

So as usual – 30 minutes of exercise and 12 hours of standing a day – you can change something to fit your daily routine.

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This small change allows you to effectively make your own targets when you actually start your day, not when Apple tells you to. for example, If you use sleep tracking all night and often need to charge your watch in the morning. You won’t feel like you’ve wasted an hour closing those loops.

Open the Actions app on your watch; Scroll to the bottom and click ChangeGoals. Make your adjustments to all three metrics and start closing those loops.

If you have an Apple Watch Series 4 or later running WatchOS 9; You can use Low Power Mode. It turns off the always-on screen; Conserve battery life by limiting certain sensors and turning off features such as abnormal heartbeat alerts. To open it, Open the Settings menu on your Apple Watch; Scroll down to Battery and toggle the switch next to Power Mode.

To take a screenshot on Apple Watch; You press the digital crown and the side button at the same time. If you’re like me and find yourself popping it frequently, it’s a simple and convenient way to populate the Photos app with random pictures of your watch face.

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To completely disable the ability to take screenshots; Open the Settings app on your watch or use the Watch app on your phone, go to General, and scroll down until you find Screenshots. Tap this option and turn off the toggle next to enable screenshots for a clutter-free camera roll.

If you have too many apps installed on your Apple Watch, it can be difficult to find the right ones when you need them. That’s where the Apple Watch dock comes in handy. If you’re not familiar, the dock is essentially the iPhone’s app switcher, but for the Apple Watch. You can launch it by tapping the side button, which pulls up a circle of recently used apps.

However, You can also customize the dock to show any app you want instead of your most recent apps. To do this on your watch, open the Settings menu; Click the Dock and select Preferences. But I recommend adding these apps to the phone’s monitoring app instead so that you can customize them.

Open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap Dock. Once the favorite option is selected, You’ll see a list of apps divided into two sections: Favorites and Excluded. Favorites are the apps currently in your dock and list all the other apps on your watch that aren’t included. Click the edit button in the upper right corner to customize the list of favorites.

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You can set portrait mode photos as background for your watch face. But first, You’ll need to find the settings in the Watch app on your iPhone. to begin Open the Watch app and go to the Face Gallery tab at the bottom of the screen. Then tap on Portrait option under New Watch Faces category. Tap the Choose Photos option under Content to choose up to 24 photos that will automatically rotate when you raise your wrist or tap the screen.

Apple’s new Portrait watch face lets you set photos taken in Portrait Mode as the watch’s wallpaper. Lisa Eadicicco/

There are times when you don’t want your Apple Watch’s screen to stop immediately. Maybe you’re reading a long text message and you’re distracted or want to keep an eye on your timer. It is normally active when you tap the screen of the Apple Watch.