How To Access Street View In Google Maps

How To Access Street View In Google Maps – In many cases, you may need to obtain Street View photos of a particular property for listing reference or marketing purposes.

One way to get a street view of your property or create a short video presentation of your property for sale is by using Google and following these steps:

How To Access Street View In Google Maps

Note: The following steps work well on standard computer equipment, such as a desktop or laptop computer, but may work slightly differently when using Chrome Books or Mac hardware.

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After successfully accessing Google Maps, you will see a screen similar to the following.

You can enter one of the following types of search criteria into Google Maps to find specific properties to view:

This diagram uses specific property addresses. Enter your property’s address in the Search Google Maps box, as shown below.

Note: If you enter a valid property address, latitude/longitude coordinates, or location, Google Maps will immediately process your input and navigate to that specific location. This is indicated by a red balloon highlighting the specific address found on Google Maps.

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When a satellite view of a specific address or location is displayed, a red balloon will appear highlighting the specific address or location, as shown below.

In many cases, you will need to “zoom in” on the satellite view to successfully see the street view of your property before selecting “Google Man”. Use the “Zoom In”/”Zoom Out” functions as follows:

Once zoomed in, left click and drag to a specific location and select “Google Man” to start the Street View display as shown below.

Drag and drop “Google Man” to the specific location you want to get a street view of. Simply left-click and drag “Google Man” to a specific location, then release the left-click to drop “Google Man”.

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Important #1: If the road at or near your address or latitude/longitude location does not turn blue after you select (left click) and drag Google Man, this means the Google Car has never driven on it. It shows that. That street. Therefore, street view is not available.

Important #2: When you select “Google Man” and drag it (left click), the road will turn blue. However, after releasing “Google Man”, Street View is not displayed properly on images. You may need to “zoom in” a little more to actually see Street View.

In Street View, you’ll see the following at the selected location where “Google Man” was dropped:

Once the Street View is displayed successfully, you can move around the area and view it by holding down his Cntrl key on a standard keyboard and left-clicking, and at the same time holding down the left-click of your computer mouse.

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