How To Create Your Own Instafest Lineup

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If you’ve been on social media in the past week or so, you’ve almost certainly seen SpotifyInstafest images.

How To Create Your Own Instafest Lineup

So, the past 6 months.. Rain Fruit Sound is the song I listen to when I sleep 😭#instafest— Kai (@Kaiynite) November 27, 2022

Bikin Line Up Konser Sendiri Pakai Spotify Instafest, Begini Caranya

, a real festival. But after seeing it pop up everywhere with dramatically different lineups, I clicked. Yes, this was another Spotify issue.

Instafest is a third-party app that connects to your Spotify data and automatically creates a fantastic festival lineup featuring the artists you’ve been listening to in your Spotify account. Apps like Icebergify and Festify are almost identical.

What are the main differences? Instafest looks really cool. It is well designed, clean and mimics the three-day style of most major festivals. You can also slightly customize the look and feel of your poster.

The app was created by Anshay Saboo, a student at the University of Southern California. He has created several apps in the past, including one designed to help students track their grades.

Here’s How To Make Your Instafest Concert Lineup

It’s pretty simple. Just go to the Instafest site and log in to your Spotify account. Just know that the app is using your personal Spotify data.

You can then change some settings. Along with the style of the poster, you can choose the time period from which the festival pulls data to create the lineup.

Please understand the lineup. My wife listens to Christian music and my kids have become obsessed with a dude named TheFatRat for some reason… InstafestUpdate Dec 1 11:15 AM IST: The Instafest site has begun testing support for creating festival posters via Apple Music.

If your favorite music festival’s lineup doesn’t live up to your expectations this year, don’t worry. A new app called Instafest creates music festival posters based on your Spotify listening habits.

How To Create Your Own ‘instafest’ Using Spotify

The free web app created by developer Anshay Saboo is very simple to use. When you log in with your Spotify account, a poster will be created based on the artists you listen to the most. You can customize your poster based on time intervals, such as the last 4 weeks, the last 6 months, or the entire time.

You can also choose from different styles of posters, such as Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight, and Mojave Dusk. The Instafest app also calculates a “base score” that you can brag about for your niche music selections. The lower the score, the more niche the music festival is.

After creating your poster, you can choose to rename the music festival, hide or show the username, and hide or show the default score. If you would like to remove support for this app, you can revoke access by following this guide.

Sabu said he got the idea for the app while thinking about what the Coachella lineup would look like if he were to select artists.

Spotify Instafest: Create Your Dream Festival Lineup

“The idea came to me one day while I was lying in bed scrolling through TikTok,” she said. After seeing people posting Coachella videos, I started thinking about how to compose the Coachella lineup if I could select artists. The thought process led me to thinking about creating music festival graphics using Spotify integration and we went from there,” he said.

Developers are already working to add support for more platforms. The site already lets you create festival posters using your listening history, and support for Apple Music is in the works. Saboo said he’d like to add support for music streaming services like YouTube Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music in the future, but cautioned that it may take time because the APIs for all platforms aren’t as friendly as Spotify.

#Instafest is no longer limited to Spotify! Support for is officially available at Next: Apple Music 🤫 — Anshay Saboo (@AnshaySaboo) November 29, 2022

Saboo is currently focused on maintaining the app and adding integrations to make sharing your festival lineup even more fun. He said it was too early to discuss long-term plans, but he was exploring the possibility of creating a music-based social network centered around the festival graphics generation.

How To Get The Spotify Festival Lineup

Within hours of its launch, Instafest became a popular trending topic on social media. People are posting lineups to show off their good (or trashy) taste in music. Saboo said more than 5 million people have created Instafest posters.

He first thought, “There’s so much to explain.” 🤣🤣🤣😂😂 I don’t owe anyone anything ish. Nothing more. — Dr. Love (@questlove) November 28, 2022

The Instafest app looks like a mirror version of the Lineupsupply app, which lets you create playlists from music festival posters. So if you like someone’s Instafest poster, you can use the LineupSupply app to create a playlist.

The launch of the app comes just days before Spotify launches Wrapped for its users. This shows each user’s personalized listening habits across music and podcasts. So in some ways this feels like Spotify Wrapped before Spotify Wrapped. The countdown to Spotify Wrapped 2022 is almost over, and it looks like you’ll be able to enjoy your viewing pleasure come December 1st once you’ve rounded up your yearly listening habits on the platform. There will be a time when we can share the results with the world if we choose.

How To Create Your Instafest Fake Music Festival Lineup Via Spotify

But just a few days after the annual music data dump, a cool new way to see the year’s top artists has emerged, sending music lovers into a tizzy.

Spotify Instafest is a festival lineup poster of all the most streamed artists on your Spotify account. The appeal undoubtedly comes from people envisioning their own dream festival weekend scenarios, becoming their own touring companies and curating a line-up of acts specifically for their own personal satisfaction. Coachella be damned, John Doe or Jane Doe’s hip hop, funk, dance, metal and jazz festival is the next big thing.

Creating a Spotify Instafest poster is pretty simple, but you’ll need to be in front of your computer to create the poster because the Instafest website is not mobile-friendly.

Simply visit and press the green ‘Sign in with Spotify’ button. Once your details are entered, the next thing you’ll be greeted with is an Instafest poster, dreaming of the perfect music weekend and worrying about possible timetable conflicts.

Spotify Festival: How To Generate Your Dream Festival Lineup Poster

If you’re a little embarrassed about Kanye West’s steps before he started acting like a disgusting lunatic earlier this year, use the site’s customization and always use the ‘Save & Share’ buttons before sharing the last 4 weeks, 6 months, or poster to your social feeds. .

You can also add a little personal touch to your Instafest poster by customizing the background to match the twilight, sunrise, and twilight options the app offers. If the default festival name associated with your Spotify username is too plain, you can change it.

Spotify’s official efforts to build a built-in music streaming app will baffle you for the next few days, until it either baffles or delights you. But considering the unfortunate glitch that occurred on the app’s homepage a few weeks ago, you’d be forgiven for thinking this year’s Wrapped had already happened.

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Spotify Instafest: Here’s How To Make A Festival Lineup Poster Using Your Spotify

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The most consistently well-received franchise in Netflix history has become the subject of growing frustration due to continued radio silence. Spotify Wrapped is coming soon (in December!). But a new music-themed social media challenge is on the scene. Spotify Instafest is also an opportunity to create your own custom festival lineup.

Spotify Instafest: How To Create Dream Festival Lineup

The idea is simple. Instafest plans your dream three-day festival itinerary based on your Spotify listening habits. It consists of a total of 35 performances. If only I could actually buy tickets to this IRL…

Of course, people were quick to share their lineup on Instagram, and your Insta Stories feed is probably *filled* with Taylor.