How To Find Your Amazon Order History

How To Find Your Amazon Order History – If you are an avid Amazon shopper, you may need to look at your previous Amazon orders and purchases. You may have products that your company pays for or those that you share with roommates.

Either way, you can easily download your Amazon order history. Along with orders, you can view items, refunds and returns. In addition, you can select the dates or view a few quick reports.

How To Find Your Amazon Order History

Currently, the feature to download purchase history is only available in your account settings on the Amazon website, not the mobile app. So, visit and sign into your Amazon account.

How To Find And Download Amazon Order History Report? (2023)

If you plan to visit this site often for regular reports, you may want to bookmark the report page.

At the top of the Request Order History Report page, you’ll see a box with Quick Setup Options.

These reports give you a quick overview of items from last month, last 30 days, last year and year to date. Please note that it may take longer to process those reports with asterisks.

To view items, orders, returns or refunds in a specific date range, you can set up a custom report.

How To Download Your Amazon Order History Report In 3 Steps

You will see a short message that your report has been requested and is in progress. You can also see the real-time status of the report in the Request Status and Your Reports section at the bottom of the page.

You will receive an email to the address linked to your Amazon account when your report is ready. So if you want to take care of other business instead of waiting for the report, just check your email for the notification.

The email you receive when your report is ready contains a link to download the report immediately and another link to view all your reports.

If you use the download link in the email, this opens your browser and places the report in your default Downloads folder.

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If you visit to view your reports, select the Download button to the right of the report. Next, go to your Downloads folder to open it.

By default, the report is in CSV file format. For the best view, open it with Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, or another spreadsheet application on your computer.

Depending on the type of report you choose, you will see different information in the file. Basic data in the reports can include order ID, order date, shipment date, item title, product category, ASIN/ISBN, seller, shipping name and address, and quantity.

Be sure to save the report if you plan to review it later, share it, or send it via email. Or you can return to the Amazon Reports page and re-download the file.

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For more, see how to hide an Amazon order or purchase or what to do if you haven’t received an expected order.

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When you place an order on Amazon, the order is recorded as part of your account history. This allows you to easily retrieve past orders and reorder previously purchased items. Although you cannot delete your order history, you can archive them. Archived orders hide past orders, but they are still linked to your account.

How To Export Your Amazon Order History To A Spreadsheet

If you have any of your orders archived, it’s helpful to know how to view these orders in case you want to reorder anything from them. However, Amazon makes it quite difficult to find your archived orders.

Fortunately, they are quite easy to find – all you have to do is follow a few steps to get them. Let’s take a look at how you can view your archived Amazon orders.

Archived orders are the ones you no longer want to see on your Amazon account. Orders on Amazon are not archived automatically so you will need to move them manually. The process of moving your orders is very simple and straightforward.

If you’ve bought a secret gift for someone who also uses an Amazon account, you can archive the order to make it less obvious. If you are running a business and need to remove the orders for which you have already collected the information, this is an option for you.

How To See How Much Money You’ve Spent On Amazon

If you have purchased an item that you do not want anyone else to see, use this option to hide the details. You will also need to remove your search history for Amazon to maintain privacy.

Archiving orders on Amazon doesn’t delete the information, it just moves it to the back burner. Archiving is not permanent either, you have the option to move the orders to and from the archive folder as you wish.

If you have already placed orders on Amazon, sign in to your account and go to the home page. There are many ways to hide an order, but let’s stick to the simplest one – archiving.

While this is a quick and simple solution to hiding the items you’ve ordered in the past, there are other ways to prompt Amazon to permanently delete your account information. Due to user privacy laws, the company will provide you with details about your account, or allow you to permanently delete some information.

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Otherwise, if you want to hide orders without deleting your account information, this process will work for you.

Don’t worry, your orders are still archived. As mentioned before, they will never go away, even if you deactivate your Amazon account.

If you wish to transfer your order back to the standard orders page, simply click on ‘Uncharted Order’ in the lower left hand corner. There is no need to confirm this, when you click on the option your order will go back to the correct place in the orders tab.

While the above method will remove your orders from your ‘recent orders’ list, your Amazon browsing history will still show your searches, making it easy for someone to tamper with your orders.

How To Hide Orders On Amazon

To delete your Amazon history, log into your account, then find the ‘Browsing History’ link towards the top right of the Amazon home page. If you have trouble finding this link, click Ctrl + F and type the words ‘browsing history’ to search for the phrase on the current page.

When you click this option, you will see a list of recent searches. You may need to click ‘Manage History’ in the top right corner for the drop down options to appear. Hit ‘Remove’ from the view for each item you want to remove from the search history.

While placing orders on Amazon is incredibly simple, finding more information about those orders can be a bit more difficult. That’s why we’ve included the answers to more of your questions here!

Many of our readers have reported that they do not see the option to Archive Orders when following the steps above, although we have tested this and seeing it, there may be something else wrong with your account. Fortunately, one of our readers provided this helpful tip: type Archive Orders into the search bar and they should appear!u003cbru003eu003cbru003eFrom the Amazon home page, type ‘Archive Orders’ in the search bar at the top (the same search bar you use to shop for products). A new page will appear with a blue hyperlink that says ‘Your Archived Orders.’ Click here.

How To Clear Your Amazon Search History

If you’re looking for an order that doesn’t appear on the Archive screen, you’ll need to search through all your orders on it. Simply click on ‘See all orders.’ This option appears in the middle of the screen when no orders are visible.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThen, use the drop-down box at the top left to toggle between years. Narrow down the list using this function to quickly navigate to the order you want. Although it may take some scrolling, this is another method of finding an order you’ve placed throughout your Amazon account history.

Archiving your orders is generally the best way to hide orders from others who have access to your Amazon account. However, it is important to keep in mind that these commands are still accessible.

Depending on what you are ordering, you can always create a secondary account to maintain privacy. However, this requires another Prime membership if you want to keep the benefits. The best way to keep this information confidential is to kick anyone out of your Main Account who you don’t want to have access to your orders.

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