Install Google Play Store Any Android Device

Install Google Play Store Any Android Device – Since the sanctions imposed by the US government on Huawei, Huawei smartphones have been deprived of the Google service. At least the latest modes, if you have an older version of Huawei, Google Services works very well. The bad news is that almost all users around the globe depend on the Google services and since the Huawei smartphone does not have these features, people leave this environment. Before Huawei was banned, it was one of the fastest growing companies, but ever since it was banned in the US, you can’t seem to use Google Play Store and Google Services. Meta, Microsoft and other US companies have also banned Huawei. With that, you can assume that the biggest problem for the Huawei smartphone these days is the lack of Google Play Store and Google app services. If you have purchased the latest version of Huawei Smartphone, you must be looking for a way to install Google Play Store on Huawei phones. It is apparently an official method provided by Huawei itself and in this article you will learn it.

Before starting this article, you might be wondering how it is possible to run Google Play services on Huawei smartphones.

Install Google Play Store Any Android Device

To answer that, apparently there are many third-party methods that can be used to run Google Apps. This does not only include Huawei Smartphones, apparently many companies, developers and consumers believe that Google and the other companies are stealing their personal data. A good example is why these companies show the same ad when we search the web using their services. Those users and companies like Huawei that do not run Google Mobile Services (GMS) by default also provide a virtual space. In the virtual space, you can run almost anything, in the case of Huawei. When you run the virtual space, it will register your device with an older version of Huawei that can support the Google Play Store. Like a virtual machine in Windows, macOS and Linux operating system snippets, it is more than that.

Play Store’s App Install Optimization Feature Reduces App Installation Time

When Gspace is completely installed, a list of the popular applications from Google will appear there. For now you are looking to install Google Play Store on your phone. So you need to tap on Google Play Store (if you don’t see it, tap on one of the apps like YouTube).

This is by far the easiest way you can use to install the Google Play Store and Google services on your Huawei smartphone. In any case, if you know another method by which you have successfully installed Google Play Store, please share it in the comment section. Yes, it is, and several Android devices, including the customized versions and unlicensed devices, often ship without the Google Play Store and other Play Services bundles. Devices that rely on fake Android versions or custom ROMs, without Google services and all the services that offer, including Gmail, YouTube, Docs and others. Well, there are certain ways through which users can install Google Play Store and access other Google services, but the compatibility of these solutions is not confirmed for different devices.

App Stores were not part of some operating systems when they were launched. But to protect user data and privacy, the companies introduced these stresses where users can download safe apps and games. For example, Apple did not have its own App Store when it was launched, but by the emergence of small third-party stores, Apple introduced its own App Store. Similarly, Android introduced Android App Store and renamed it as Play Store.

There are certain advantages to these perspectives for both the user and the company. We have to list some advantages from the users’ perspective:

Learn New Things: How To Download & Install Google Play Store For Android Phone & Tablet

So Apple App Store and Android Play Store are the two biggest App Stores out there. Users can easily download and install apps.

There are certain policies and conditions that manufacturers must meet before enrolling in these programs, failing which they cannot get support for Google Play Services on their respective Android devices.

But since these manufacturers are an open source operating system, they can use Android, but for Play services and other Google services, they must follow the conditions first. Amazon Fire devices are a fine example of devices that come with Android-based Fire OS but do not support Google services, including the Play Store. They have their own separate App Store.

Well, for Android operating system there are several other third party app stores from where you can get signed and trusted APK (Installer files) for your device. Here is a list of these apps:

How To Install Google Play Apps On A Pc

If these third-party App Stores did not serve the purpose and the only option left is to install the Play Store on your device, then below we describe how to install Google Services.

There are certain methods through which we can install Play Store but the success rate is not sure. These ways may work on some devices and not on others. Follow each step carefully, missing any step will result in inability to install Play Store. – Google Account Manager – User must download Google Manager APK 7.2 if they are running Android 7.2 or later. Another example is : If you are running Android 5.0, you need to install Google Account Manager 5.0. Link to download – Google Services Framework – It also follows the above pattern if you are running Android 12 then download Google Services Framework 12 Download Link

How To Add A Device In Google Play – Google Play Services – Users must select a version compatible with their Android version and device. This may be puzzling, but if you’re running a fairly old version of Android, you’ll need to install old versions. Link to download – Google Play Store – User can download the latest stable version for any device. The application will work without any problems. Link to download

After downloading the above four packages, and after enabling installation from unknown sources, the user must follow the steps below.

Note: The installation may fail if the user downloaded the wrong apk of some apps for their respective smartphone architecture or Android version.

How To Download And Install Google Play Store Apk On Android

If the Play Store has been opened, the user can start downloading new apps and games. Otherwise, user should try by downloading other APK versions. But if the Play Store does not work after several attempts, then you are out of luck, the user only has the option to use third-party app stores.

We hope that our guide for installing Play Store on Android We trust that our instructions for installing Play Store on Android have proved useful.

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How To Install Google Play Store On Chinese Android Phone

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Unfortunately, Huawei’s path to success has since been cut off due to a trade war between the US and China, the US government has placed Huawei on the Entity List, which prevents US companies from doing business with them. This includes Google, which means Huawei cannot use Google products or services on their smartphones.

As a result, since the Mate 30, Huawei’s smartphones have shipped without Google Play Services installed. Fortunately, there is a way to fix it and if you own a Huawei phone or are planning to buy one, then this method is to get Google Play Services installed on your Huawei phone.

How To Install Google Play Store On Windows Subsystem For Android

In the past, it was possible to install Google apps and services on your Huawei smartphone, but the process can take a while and can feel a little daunting for those who aren’t too tech-savvy, but