Microsoft Bing Rewards Loyalty Program

Microsoft Bing Rewards Loyalty Program – And of course, while it may seem like a bribe to use the search engine Bing itself, you can earn some pretty cool rewards for doing what you’re already doing – searching the web.

As a Microsoft Rewards user for several years now, I highly recommend the program to earn a few dollars each month.

Microsoft Bing Rewards Loyalty Program

And no, you’re going to get rich and not be able to quit your job. Just plan to make it

Microsoft Rewards Gives You Free Games For Playing Games

So you’re not familiar with Microsoft Rewards, you’re in the right place because today I’m going to show you exactly how the program works and how you can take advantage.

If you don’t know what Microsoft Rewards is and have no idea what I’m even talking about here, let me explain it like a cliffhanger.

Microsoft Rewards is a free program run by Microsoft that rewards you for doing Bing searches, taking quizzes, answering a survey question, shopping their store, and more. You will learn something every day and the challenges will be updated every 24 hours.

The entire program is 100% free, easy to use, and is considered a pretty easy way to earn a few dollars a month doing what you already do – surfing the web.

Bing Rewards In Windows Search Console Rolling Out More Widely

Then, once you’ve earned enough, you can redeem gift cards, enter sweepstakes, or even make a non-profit donation if you so choose. The choice is yours, but regardless, you will be rewarded for your time.

There’s a good chance you already have if you’re a member of the following Microsoft programs:

In short, if you already have a Microsoft account, then you don’t need to create an account with Microsoft Rewards, as you can simply sign in with that account.

If not, then you can create one for free with your email. Follow the “Register for free” link on the main page with your email address.

What Are Microsoft Reward Points Worth? And How Do You Earn Them?

Once you’re able to sign in, Microsoft Rewards will take you directly to your dashboard (as seen in the screenshot below), where you’ll be able to view the following in your account:

You can also access the Rewards Store (via the Redeem link), add family members (via the Community link), and check your status, which shows you various stats like lifetime points earned, your badges, your progress, and past redeemed rewards.

I know that sounds like a lot, but don’t worry just yet. This is the reason why I wrote this guide!

In the rest of the review, I’m going to talk about how you can earn rewards, what kind of rewards you can earn, and some pretty cool hacks you can use to maximize your earnings!

Microsoft Reward Point Kini Bisa Digunakan Untuk Generate Gambar Lebih Cepat Di Bing Chat

Probably the best and easiest way to earn points, the Daily Pack refreshes every 24 hours and gives you a variety of ways to earn points, from a simple survey to a quick two-minute quiz.

You can usually earn around 50 to 100 points per day if you log in every day, or even more if you activate your serial bonus.

Now, there’s a lot more you can earn, which I’ll get into later, like earning streak bonuses and Bing searches, but for now let’s take a look at the daily bundle:

First, I could click on the “get it out there” link and get a quick 10 points. Here’s where that link took me:

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As you can see, it took me to the search results. All this I had to do to earn points. It took me about 10 seconds.

The next one, “Turbocharger Quiz” also took me to the search results, but I had to answer three questions.

Now, fear not, because you can get them all wrong and still get your points. Don’t worry there. Just try your best and you’ll get your grades, I promise.

Finally, the daily poll as mentioned below was super easy because all I had to do was vote for one answer of the day, that’s it!

What Is The Microsoft Rewards Program, And Should You Join It?

Once you complete your daily tasks, they will reappear on the board; However, a green check mark will appear to show you that you have completed the task.

These three quick tasks honestly took me less than two minutes and earned me 50 points.

To maximize your points, Bing will reward you with bonus points as long as you complete the entire set I mentioned, referred to as

This serial bonus essentially gives you points just for checking and completing your tasks. These are free points!

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So, for example, if you log in for three days and complete the daily set each day, you’ll get a 45-point bonus that you’ve already earned.

And those points will continue as long as you keep logging in every day, but the day you don’t log in, you lose the streak and start over, so it’s important to try to log in as much as possible to take advantage of those bonus points. .

Although Microsoft didn’t provide the bonus numbers, I found these numbers when searching the web for what you can earn in bonus points:

Make it a habit to log in daily and complete your daily tasks to enjoy EASY streak rewards.

Guide To Using Microsoft Rewards

As for the reward series, Bing also offers two levels, Level 1 and Level 2, both of which can affect your earnings.

If you’re a Level 1 member, for example, you can only earn 50 points per day on Bing searches, but as a Level 2 member, you can earn up to 250 points per day on searches.

Now, becoming a Level 2 member is very easy as all you have to do is earn 500 points per month – that’s it.

So as long as you continue to earn 500 points per month, you can earn 2 levels of benefits and increase your income. I believe this is the last level, at least for now, so you won’t see level 3, etc.

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In addition to the daily set mentioned above, Bing also gives you additional activities to earn even more points.

For example, if you look below my board, I can earn another 10 points for watching an NFL Microsoft Surface video or even exploring a Windows thread to see what the Windows team is currently working on.

Accumulating all these points would give me an additional 165 points, but remember that this section is random and won’t change every day, so don’t be disappointed if you log in and see the same tasks as yesterday.

And you don’t have to complete these offers to keep your streak. It’s just a matter of adding points to your balance.

How To Earn Points By Using Microsoft Edge

It’s not obviously shown on your dashboard, but Microsoft Rewards rewards you for every search you complete on Bing while you’re signed in to your account.

Now, while it’s tempting to just go for a sleuth and rack up your points, I don’t recommend doing that because I’ve read about people getting banned from their accounts for doing so. Just try using Bing for searches you’ve already scheduled.

For simple searches in any web browser, Microsoft Rewards will give you five points per search, up to 150 points per day. So if you hit 150 points a day, that’s over 4500 points for the month!

Now, if you use the Microsoft Edge browser while searching Bing, you can earn an extra 20 points per day.

Microsoft Rewards: Earn Money Playing Your Games

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but if you’re already going to search, try Bing first for the rewards, and head to Google if you can’t find what you’re looking for on Bing. Honestly, a lot of the results I see on Bing are pretty good, so you might be surprised!

In addition to the free and easy ways to earn points with Microsoft Rewards as mentioned above, you can also earn 10 points for every dollar you spend at the Microsoft Store or even on Xbox.

If you take advantage, just make sure you’re logged into your account to get the credit when you make the purchase.

And whether you want to enter a raffle to win a new Xbox or Microsoft Surface, or just want to redeem your points for a gift card, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from once it’s time to redeem.

Use Your Microsoft Reward Points To Help Ukraine

With a few options, let’s dive into the many ways you can turn your points into some cool items.

For example, if you want to try your luck with a lottery drawing, then you often need 100 or 200 points to enter or play the game.

Some are instant win-like games, while other rewards enter you into a drawing that takes place weekly or monthly. Just make sure you read the description because it will tell you when the drawing will take place if you choose a