Sonos New Product Categories

Sonos New Product Categories – Popular speaker company Sonos is reportedly developing new high-end smart speakers that will compete with Apple’s HomePod and HomePod mini.

. The Era 300 and Era 100 will be launched in the coming months and have been in development since mid-2022.

Sonos New Product Categories

The multi-directional Era 300 will be Sonos’ new flagship speaker with support for Dolby Atmos and spatial audio tracks.

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Says the speaker will deliver “the highest fidelity of any speaker” in Sonos history. Other features will include USB-C line-in, Wi-Fi 6 support, and possibly Bluetooth playback.

Fewer details are known about the Era 100, but both new speakers will feature an updated design, auto-tuning and sound optimization. The Era 100 could be a replacement for the more affordable Sonos One.

There is no launch date given for the new Era speakers, nor have prices been leaked. The speakers will compete with the $299 HomePod 2, released last week. Sonos is also developing a second-generation “Move” speaker to replace the current model, and plans to enter a new product category that is still unknown in 2023.

Apple previously announced that macOS Sonoma would be released on Tuesday, September 26th. The free software update includes a host of new features and changes for Mac, including the five we’ve highlighted below. In addition to these five features, we’ve shared the full macOS Sonoma release notes below to get a complete overview of everything new. macOS Sonoma desktop widgets…

Sonos Era 100 And Era 300: Pricing, Features, And Preorders

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It’s already been a busy year for Sonos, with the multiroom giant releasing new Era 300 and Era 100 smart speakers that, according to our testing, are two of the best to date.

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Head over to our review of the Sonos Era 300 and Sonos Era 100 and you’ll see that after many hours of listening, our expert testers were impressed, giving both a perfect score of 5/5.

But as always, if tech rumors are to be believed, the Era 300 and 100 are just the beginning of Sonos’ plans for this year, and new rumors suggest the company could release even more hardware in the not-too-distant future. .

To help you stay on top of all the latest rumors and avoid falling victim to some of the less credible reports, our team of experts has put together this guide detailing all the latest rumors about new Sonos hardware in 2023. .

The Sonos Era 300 and Era 100 speakers are the latest smart speakers from Sonos. They hit the market in March after a string of leaks from The Verge, which first started making headlines a month earlier in February.

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We’ve had both devices in our test rooms since then, and if you head over to our review of the Sonos Era 300 or Sonos Era 100, you’ll see that we were very impressed, with both scoring a perfect 5/5.

The Era 300 is the larger and more expensive of the two, retailing at £449 / $449 / €499 / AU$749. By comparison, the Era 100 costs £249 / $249 / €279 / AU$399.

The Era 300’s direct competitor is the five-star Apple HomePod 2, which we tested earlier this year. This is largely due to the fact that, unlike the 100, the Sonos 300 is billed as being “specially designed” to deliver the best possible spatial audio experience with Dolby Atmos tracks.

The device features a new hourglass design that is shorter and more oval-shaped than its direct competitor. Inside, it houses an atypical speaker arrangement that combines six drivers (four tweeters, two woofers) with custom waveguides that push sound forward, upward, and left and right to create the directional quality expected from Atmos tracks. Each driver is powered by its own Era 300 Class D amplifier.

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As an added bonus, it’s also designed to work as a back unit with Sonos Arc and Beam Gen 2 soundbars, which could also make it an attractive upgrade for home theater fans.

The Era 100 is a smaller option and is effectively a replacement for the Sonos One, which we think is a good thing because while we liked the One at launch, it’s started to show its age recently. Unlike the 300, it doesn’t support spatial audio, but if you’re using a Sonos One there are a number of notable upgrades.

Firstly, it provides stereo sound. This is a big change from the One, which was limited to mono. The internals have also been completely redesigned, housing two angled tweeters with custom waveguides that Sonos says provide “detailed stereo separation.” Sonos has also added a woofer, which it claims is 25 percent larger and therefore capable of producing deeper bass than the One. Three Class D amplifiers power the drivers.

Although it doesn’t support spatial audio, the 100 can still be used as rear speakers with Sonos: Arc, Beam Gen 1 and Beam Gen 2, and Ray.

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Move 2 is the next product Sonos is expected to release this year. There haven’t been many credible reports, with the exception of a “leak” from The Verge in February 2023, which also revealed the existence of the Era speakers.

Considering that all the information he showed off about the Era 300 and Era 100 turned out to be true, we’re taking its claims about the Sonos Move 2 pretty seriously – although until Sonos confirms the existence of the currently fictitious device, there’s not much we can do. other than guessing. certain details, such as what changes will be made or when they will actually appear.

However, given that the current Sonos Move is focused on creating a wireless Bluetooth speaker for outdoor use as well as a wireless smart speaker, a summer release would make logical sense. This is especially true as the first generation Move, released in 2019, is starting to show its age, and Sonos could make a lot of simple upgrades.

Two key things we’d like are an upgrade to aptX Bluetooth support for better streaming straight from your phone, and an overall improvement in the speaker’s sound. When testing the original Move, our experts found that it sounded inferior to the first-generation Apple HomePod. Given the release of Apple’s HomePod 2 and excellent audio quality of 5/5 during our reviews, the Move 2 should be a major audio upgrade if it wants to keep up with the times.

Sonos’ New Move 2 Bluetooth Speaker: Pricing, Features, Preorders

The first credible rumors made headlines back in 2019, when Bloomberg reported “sources” confirming the existence of Sonos headphones and that they would retail for around £220/$300/AU$400. Even if this is true, given the state of the global economy, this price is probably outdated.

Other than that, the only rumor we trust came in 2020, when Sonos filed a patent for two different wireless in-ear headphones, one of which closely resembled the Apple AirPods Max.

The report and Sonos CEO Patrick Spence’s promise of expanding into new categories makes us think we could very well see Sonos headphones launch this year.

Last year, Sonos posted several openings for a new home theater OS project. The minutes followed this report that “multiple sources” confirmed the project is part of Sonos’ broader goal to play a larger role in TV streaming.

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This indicates that Sonos may be working on an app or new OS for the TV that other tech makers can use. But the tech world is what it is, and the report has come up with many unsubstantiated reports that the firm is working on a real TV or projector.

Personally, we don’t think this is very likely, given the lack of reliable reports on the topic and the fact that the company representative laughed.