The Psp Is Back And The Android Police Podcast Is Here For It

The Psp Is Back And The Android Police Podcast Is Here For It – Sony’s handheld devices like the PSP may have never reached the level of popularity of the Nintendo Switch, but for many fans of the PlayStation brand, the PSP is a collector’s item these days. It ran well for 10 years, releasing in 2004 and maintaining support until 2014. Grid Studio took that idea and amplified it by deconstructing the PSP and framing it. Makes the ultimate collector’s piece for any game room setting.

PSP wall art from Grid Studio comes in two different flavors. PSP 1000 and PSP 2000. So, you can get which model suits you best. Or you can pick up both if you’re really attached to this handheld and want to show your love for it. Grid Studio actually makes this kind of wall art on more than just Sony handhelds. In fact, you’ll find a number of gaming portables that are deconstructed and framed in the same way. Including GameBoy Pocket, GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Color, and Nintendo DS Lite.

The Psp Is Back And The Android Police Podcast Is Here For It

The company also does more than just portable gaming consoles. You’ll find a variety of different products including smartwatches, smartphones like the Pixel, media players, and more.

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The PSP was Sony’s first foray into the handheld market. Bringing PS2 quality graphics to a machine you can put in your pocket. At the time, this was more than enough to establish the PSP as an unforgettable portable console.

But the way Grid Studio lays it all out captures it in a way that shows an appreciation for the device that would be hard to convey otherwise. There’s something about being able to see all the major components that make up this incredible machine that really hits home with your nostalgia if you love gaming. Especially if the PlayStation brand is a passion.

The entire frame is wrapped like a gift, complete with a magnificent wax seal stamped with the Grid Studio logo. This provides a neat unboxing experience. When you open the frame, you can see all the little parts Sony used to build the PSP. Save for the cable. Here’s a complete list of everything you’ll see in the frame.

Once you open the box, you will need to remove the plastic layer that protects the glass. And I personally would take it a step further and remove the actual art from the frame and give it a good blowout or two with a little canned air. Although everything looks pretty clean, there are some small particles in it that may be left over from when it was put together.

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After that, you can pop it back into the frame and give the glass a quick wipe with a little cleaner and it’s basically ready to be placed.

Thanks to its size and weight, you have several different options for setting it up. For example, you can put it on a shelf like I have. If you have a shelf to put it on and the shelf has space. But you can also mount it on a wall if you want, and Grid even gives you some drywall pins in the box.

You can also use your own nails or screws if you’re worried about them falling and you think that’s safer. However, what is important to note is that the overall weight is only 38oz. About 2,381 pounds. So it’s light enough to hang with the included mounting hardware. You can even use heavy-duty command strips that are designed to hold more weight.

Overall, if you’re a gaming fan and grew up around the PlayStation brand and the PSP era, this is a great showcase. Even if you didn’t grow up with this console and only enjoyed it later in its life cycle, it’s a great showpiece.

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Therefore, be prepared to spend a little money. Because Grid Studio framed wall art isn’t cheap. The PSP 1000 model will cost $199, although it currently sells for $169. The PSP 2000 model usually sells for the same price, but is also currently selling for $179. They’re also the least expensive pieces of framed art of any console Grid Studio has to offer.

If you like what you see, you can get it for yourself on the Grid Studio website. Although you may want to act quickly as the Nintendo DS Lite is already out of stock. And no one knows how long the stock will last for others.