Top Tips Using Telegram Safely Securely

Top Tips Using Telegram Safely Securely – The lightweight Telegram chat client is one of the most common methods of crypto communication, and there’s a good reason for that. SIM swap attacks, which transfer ownership of your phone number to a malicious attacker, are a common attack vector.

And once the attacker has your number in their hands, they can cause all kinds of chaos, especially by getting two-factor authentication (2FA) codes for your important logins that are sent over text. A lot of tradfi banks and other services operate on legacy technology, for example, which means that many only offer 2FA authentication via text. 2FA over text, plus SIM swapping, often leads to a zero bank balance.

Top Tips Using Telegram Safely Securely

, instead of the phone number. If attackers don’t know your phone number, how can they swap SIMs? So goes the logic, and so many crypto users are installing Telegram, ignoring the settings, and calling it a day.

Telegram’s Security, Privacy, Encryption Settings

But it is not enough. Since everyone is on Telegram, Telegram is the place where hackers concentrate a lot of firepower. If you are not careful, there are also ways to get pwned through Telegram.

We’ve created a small guide to help crypto users secure themselves on Telegram, so they can avoid the most obvious security pitfalls.

You need to set up two-factor authentication to protect your account against hijacking. The primary login method uses a code once sent by text, so Telegram allows you to set a password as the second factor. If someone succeeds in swapping SIMs, Telegram will ask them for a password to access your account, instead of just letting you have access to the phone number.

To do so, in the Privacy and Security tab, select Two-Step Verification (Telegram’s term for 2FA), and set a strong combination. You will rarely enter this password, so be sure to store it in a safe place, such as a password manager, so you don’t forget it.

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The consequences of forgetting that password are strong. You’ll have to reset your account. In essence, this means submitting a request to delete your account completely, after which you will have to wait seven days. After a week, the account will be deleted (including associated contacts, cloud chats and channel subscriptions), at which point you will be able to create a new empty account with the same phone number.

In order not to share unnecessary details with all 500 million Telegram users, you need to configure your profile privacy accordingly. Go to Telegram’s privacy settings. We recommend the following:

On your mobile version of Telegram, navigate to Privacy & Security → Data Settings and remove from the Telegram storage any information you don’t want to be there.

Telegram allows multi-device support, which means you can have the same Telegram account open on multiple devices at the same time. Over time, you can forget that you are connected to some phone / laptop, and that can be misused. To make sure this doesn’t happen, see all the devices where your Telegram account is logged in. To do this, go to Settings / Privacy and Security / Active sessions.

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If you see a session that is still logged that you want to end, just click on that session and click “End” to end it.

With default settings, Telegram voice calls are made via P2P. When using P2P, the IP address of the user’s call object will appear in the Telegram control log. However, not all versions have control logs. For example, the Windows version is not, but the Linux version.

The Telegram application shows that users can prevent IP addresses from being compromised by changing settings. Go to Settings: Privacy – Security – Voice Call – Change Peer-to-Peer to Never or None. With this configuration, the user needs to make a voice call through the Telegram server, even if the IP address is hidden but at the expense of audio quality degradation.

Some hackers only use Telegram as a method of communication with their potential victims, instead of attacking any functionality inherent to Telegram itself. For example, some hackers have set up channels that claim to give interested users software to “crack private keys” and engage in hacking. However, once opened by the victim, this “hacking software” infects their computer with the HackBoss malware that replaces all encrypted wallets on that computer with their own versions of those wallets. Of course, the modified crypto wallets then send all the funds to the attacker.

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It is extremely common for hackers and scammers to impersonate Telegram users by choosing a username very close but slightly different from the original one. For example, an attacker may try to impersonate you

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Introduction to Web3 and Blockchain Development As an experienced full-stack developer, you’ve probably witnessed the incredible evolution of technology over the past few decades. From the … Telegram is considered a safe alternative to WhatsApp. Based on our research and testing, it is generally safe to use. Here’s why:

It is user-friendly, fast and safe. The VPN is also suitable for unblocking Telegram if you are in a country where Telegram is blocked or censored.

Telegram is an encrypted messaging service that was first released in 2013. Unlike most other apps, Telegram’s user base jumps significantly whenever there is a privacy scandal. As of 2019, it has grown to over 350 million users!

Telegram had a constant presence in the lists of the most downloaded applications throughout 2022, and is widely used by people who want to communicate without revealing their identity.

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However, is Telegram really safe? In this article, we take a critical look at Telegram privacy. We also delve into Telegram’s privacy settings and offer tips on how you can make the app as secure and private as possible.

Telegram is a free chat service with a focus on security and speed. You can use the cloud-based chat app on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Telegram was founded by Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov in August 2013. Like other instant messaging apps, you can send text, image and video messages via Telegram. You can also share stickers, emojis, your location and voice messages.

Video calling is also possible via Telegram and you can have group chats like in WhatsApp. In Telegram, however, you can create groups of up to 200,000 people. By comparison, WhatsApp only supports up to 200 users in a group.

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Telegram has become a haven for people who want to hide their identity, and has been used by terrorists, neo-Nazis and criminals in the past, which only lends credibility to the strong encryption and security policies it uses.

In a nutshell, yes. Based on our research and testing, Telegram is a pretty secure messaging app as long as you adjust your privacy settings (more on that in the next section!). Here’s why we think so.

Standard chats in Telegram, also known as cloud chats, are not end-to-end encrypted. End-to-end encryption is important for your privacy.

It ensures that only the sender and recipient can read the message. Without end-to-end encryption, Telegram also has access to chats. However, this does not mean that Telegram does not use it

Telegram Isn’t End To End Encrypted By Default

According to clause 3.3.1. of Telegram’s privacy policy, all data on Telegram is heavily encrypted. They use what is called a split-splitting scheme, relying on a distributed infrastructure to protect data that is not end-to-end encrypted.

The data is stored in data centers around the globe (all controlled by Telegram), but in different legal jurisdictions. All decryption keys are also split and are never kept in the same place.

Thus, if someone needed access to your data, they would have to jump through a lot of legal hoops, even in jurisdictions that are not quite receptive to such requests. This means that a single government or even a block cannot simply force Telegram to give up user data.

On the other hand, for those who are really serious about their privacy, Telegram offers secret chats. All messages, photos, videos, and other files sent through secret chats are end-to-end encrypted.

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Only the recipient with the relevant decryption keys has access to this data. The content of these secret chats is not stored on the Telegram servers. These are localized, so they will only be accessible on the device that sent them, unlike cloud chats.

At its core, Telegram is a cloud service. Messages, photos, videos and documents from cloud chats are stored on Telegram servers via the cloud. Cloud storage has the advantage of allowing access to content from multiple devices.

Cloud chats use client-server encryption, so your data is always relatively safe. And, if you still want that extra layer of security, you can just start a secret chat without any restrictions.

Telegram uses a self-developed cryptographic protocol called MTProto. Security experts have criticized this encryption in the past, especially version 1.0, which used archaic SHA-1 hashing.

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