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Upload Videos To Pinterest

Finally, for those of you dying to learn how to upload a video to Pinterest, here’s your step-by-step tutorial!

How To Upload Videos To Pinterest (detailed Guide)

The original blog post is below the first vertical image, but for the most accurate and up-to-date information, watch this YouTube video posted in June 2023. Pinterest has made some pretty significant changes to Pin formats, which include video.

If you have any questions after watching the video, feel free to contact us at hello@. We are happy to help!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to upload a video to Pinterest. You’ll need a Pinterest business account, so make sure you’ve converted as regular user accounts won’t have this option.

Any video that is less than a minute long and a good teaser for your recipe, project or product. Videos under 30 seconds performed best in our beta tests. In most industries, for every second that the video is longer, clicks and savings will decrease.

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The ones with food videos, the hyper-lapse style we often see on Facebook that gives users a glimpse of how easy the recipe is to make or shows the user the ingredients and how easy it is to make. They will reach your site in no time.

Craft or DIY videos showing how the project unfolds will inspire people to try creativity. Think about how your video can inspire your audience to take action. Knitting, creating a design project or home decor. These can all be quick teasers that draw your audience in and make them click.

Step 1: Open your Pinterest account and click the “Create” tab at the top of the screen, then click “Create Pin”.

Step 2: The following screen will pop up to upload your video and they have given all the correct specifications needed to the right of the upload box. Upload your video.

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Note that it can take a while for the video to upload, but we’ve seen faster and faster upload times.

Step 4: Choose a board for your video. I recommend starting with the board that best suits the topic the video covers. This will allow the keyword data to be attached to the pin.

Step 5: Schedule your pin or post it immediately. If you want the pin to go to multiple boards via scheduling, you’ll need to open another tab, upload the video again, and choose to post at a later time.

Step 6: Share the video with your people! Grab the pin link and share on other social channels or your email list. This is a great way to expand the reach of your pin, video and website.

How To Create Pinterest Video Pins That Convert

If you are a video creator this is such a great tool to draw new followers. Create a board dedicated to your videos. Instead of giving it a title, your blog videos get creative with keyword research. Something like gluten free recipe videos.

Kate Ehl is the owner of Simple Pin Media. She helps bloggers and business owners manage their Pinterest page while teaching bloggers and online entrepreneurs how to use Pinterest to market their business. Her philosophy is simple, actionable, and uses data-driven decisions to create the best Pinterest marketing strategy. She runs Simple Pin Media from a shed in her garden, loves good cheeses, great friends and sparkling drinks. Pinterest is finally catching up and allowing any account to save organic video pins. The new feature is only available to Pinterest business accounts and is a great way for businesses to get more engagement with their content. Internet traffic is moving toward increasing amounts of video viewing. Pinterest is catching up to other social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, both of which offer multiple locations to host videos. Video clips can be quickly created using pre-recorded mp4 and mov formats or using your phone’s camera app.

Video pins will appear in Pinners home feeds and in the following tab. When other users search using the words “video” or “videos” they can find video content. The video PIN feature is new and is now available as an additional early access feature. Pinterest Pinners with business accounts can upload videos directly to Pinterest. All Pinterest Pinners accounts, business and personal, can upload videos when they attempt a PIN.

Video Pins auto-start on Pinterest desktop/web and also auto-play on mobile devices when the video pin is halfway across the screen. Pins can view the video in a larger view by tapping or clicking on the pin which opens the zoom view. The sound will play in close-up view if your device settings allow it.

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Note that the Create Video Pin screen contains an option to add a URL. If the goal of your marketing strategy is to increase website traffic, then every pin you save on Pinterest should include a URL. If you forget to include a URL when creating the Pin, you can always edit the Pin after saving it and enter a URL as an extra step.

When you create a video pin you also have the option to add a link to a YouTube video or web page with an embedded video instead of uploading a video file. If you simply enter a URL instead of uploading a file in video format, the new pin will not be a video pin. It will simply link to the YouTube video or web page.

Pinterest video pins can work with .mp4 or .mov file formats and should range from four seconds to fifteen minutes in length. The maximum PIN file size is 2GB. Like all other Pinterest Pins, the description area below the pin can contain a maximum of 500 characters. To optimize Pins for search engines, Pinners should use as much of the 500 character limit as possible. Corporations can also be used. The ideal aspect ratios for video pins are 16:9 which also works on YouTube, a square ratio of 1:1 and vertical ratios like 9:16, 4:5 or 2:3 which all work on Instagram. Looking to upload videos to Pinterest? You are in the right place! Social media platforms are pushing video content in 2023, and Pinterest favors videos too! Pinterest has many features that make it perfect for sharing videos, including two different pin formats that you can use to upload your videos to Pinterest – video pins and idea pins. In this post, I’ll teach you how to post your videos on Pinterest as Video Pins and Idea Pins, as well as how to take advantage of everything the platform has to offer when it comes to video content. so lets start!

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You can upload videos to Pinterest in 2023. Just open your Pinterest account in a browser and click the plus sign to create a new pin. On the next screen, you can upload a video or photo to your new Pinterest pin.

Upload your video by selecting “Upload Video” and then select the video file from your computer. You can also add a title and description to your video before you post it on Pinterest.

Next, select the board you’d like to post your new video pin to and click Publish. And that’s it – you’ve successfully published a video on Pinterest!

You can pin a video on Pinterest in 2 different Pinterest formats. Pinterest Video Pins and Pinterest Idea Pins are both great ways to upload and share videos on the platform.

How To Upload Videos To Pinterest

Video Pins are simply videos that you upload to Pinterest, similar to how you would upload a photo. To upload a video pin, select the “Create Pin” option when creating a new pin. Then, select your video file from your computer and add a title and description before posting it to Pinterest.

Idea Pins are a little different – they’re more like video explainers of blog posts or articles that include a title and description along with a video. To create an idea pin, select the “Create Pin” button and select “Create Idea Pin” when creating a new pin. Next, add an image, title, and description for your idea pin before adding your video.

Both video pins and idea pins are great ways to share videos on Pinterest. If you’re looking for a way to drive traffic back to your website or blog, then Idea Pins are a great option for repurposing your video content from other social media platforms. Otherwise, video pins are a great way to share your videos on the platform without any extra effort.

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