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Verizon’s prepaid service is adding faster tiers, but it’s also taking Planned Parenthood.

Visible Vs Verizon

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Verizon’s Visible Added A Sweet New Visible+ Plan

Visible Verizon’s digital prepaid brand is changing its offerings. On Wednesday, the company reshuffled its plans, adding the $30-a-month Visible and $45-a-month Visible Plus plans, eliminating the popular $25 party billing.

The new plans are available today, and the basic Visible plan marks a $10 price drop from the company’s older options. Both include unlimited talk, text and data, unlimited mobile hotspot (with maximum speeds of up to 5Mbps per hour) and include taxes and fees in their sticker prices. Each quote is for one line because the company only offers one line.

The difference between the two plans is high-speed 5G and international use. The basic Visible plan is limited to Verizon’s slow 5G network (what the carrier calls “5G nationwide”) and includes unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada, but no data.

The Visible Plus option offers a connection to Verizon’s faster 5G network (which the carrier calls “5G Ultra Wideband” or “5G UW”) and adds unlimited data in Canada and Mexico, as well as international calling from the US. Send text messages from the US to over 200 countries in over 30 countries and internationally.

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The Plus option also includes 50GB of “premium data” on 4G LTE and 5G nationwide, meaning you won’t experience slow speeds on hidden networks (like a packed stadium or arena) until you exceed 50GB. Moon. Visible says that those connected to 5G UW will always have “premium data,” unlike older speed plans built into Visible’s faster 5G service.

With the new plans, one of Visible’s most popular features known as Party Pay has been phased out. The feature is the company’s Planned Parenthood approach, which offers discounts the more people you add, and if you have four or more people, the price per line can drop from $40 per line to $25 per month. Unlike traditional family planning, Visible allows anyone to join a party, which has spawned Reddit posts and party-paying groups with thousands of members.

The company doesn’t allow new users to join the Party Pay plan, but Visible says those of us who sign up for Party Pay can keep their $25-a-month phone service as long as they support the plan. “Cloud Network Architecture”. These users can even change parties before October 18th, although after that date they are “locked” into the price of their party size.

If you are on a Party Pay or old Visible plan, the carrier will allow you to upgrade to one of its new plans at any time.

Verizon Backed Visible Opens Android Beta For Its Unlimited Service

One gives you unlimited data on the Verizon network for the cheapest price. Another will give you a high rate at one of the best rates in the industry.

I’ve been testing both plans for the past two weeks and doing a lot of comparisons, and I have all the answers in this article.

I’ll cover the three big changes to Visible and Visible+, how they compare to Verizon and US Cellular plans, whether it’s worth upgrading if you’re an existing customer, and whether it’s worth it for new customers.

But when Visible launched a Party Pay discount in November 2019, the price effectively dropped to just $25.

Visible Vs. Verizon Prepaid: Which Carrier Should You Get?

Discounts save you $15 per month as long as you have four or more members in your party. It’s so easy to get, I’ve created a party, and our 23,000+ members pay $25 a month for a phone plan.

The new Visible plan now starts at $30 per month, and it doesn’t qualify for the Party Pay discount.

In fact, party salaries may disappear entirely in January 2023.

The new plan is a $10 drop from the old plan’s starting price of $40, but it’s actually a $5 increase over what everyone else is paying.

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This will especially affect families, whose bills will increase by $15 to $25 per month if they want to switch to the new entry-level plan.

And then there’s the Visible+ plan. It costs $45 per month and offers a bunch of new features.

All new plans continue to include all taxes and fees, so what you see is what you pay.

Although Visible’s website doesn’t say it connects to 5G Ultra broadband, from my testing, the new plan connects to 5G Ultra broadband and gets the same 200Mbps speed cap.

Visible Vs T Mobile: Who Has The Better Unlimited Plan?

Overall, while these updates are great, they really make it difficult to compare the new Visible+ plan to Verizon’s next pay plan.

The new Visible plan is basically the same as the old one, but it’s now $30, uses Verizon’s network core and includes domestic roaming.

And you can still add an Apple Watch line for $5 a month on either plan.

If we compare the new Visible plan to Verizon Prepaid Unlimited, Verizon Welcome Unlimited and 5G Start, you can see that it absolutely kicks the button.

Visible’s New Trial Lets You Sample Verizon’s Network For Free On An Unlocked Iphone

It gives you true unlimited data for less than half the price of other plans.

And you get unlimited hotspot data. Other plans don’t offer you hotspot data or 5GB of hotspot data when you start 5G.

The only plan that comes close is USA Mobile’s basic unlimited plan. A line costs about $40 more after tax, but the four-line price drops to just $25 per line after tax.

Plans vary. US Cellular plans only include 30GB of data, but if you activate it with a 5G phone, that’s a premium.

Verizon Stealthily Launched A Startup Offering $40 Per Month Unlimited Data, Messaging And Minutes

US Mobile also offers 720p video streaming and gives you high-speed data on Verizon’s C-Band network.

It also has 5Mbps of unlimited hotspot data, while Verizon’s plans have 25GB or 50GB of fast hotspot data, with hotspot speeds of up to 600Kbps on nationwide 5G networks and 3Mbps on 5G Ultra broadband.

Visible+ also includes free talk, text and data roaming in Canada and Mexico.

One feature of Visible+ is 500 minutes of free international calling to over 30 countries. No Verizon plan supports this.

Visible Is $25/mo But Is Still Running Facebook Ads Saying $30.

But if you’re paying an extra $35 to $45 a month for your cell phone plan, are these services really free?

You basically get Visible+ and the streaming service of your choice, and you end up paying less than Verizon.

The only way to pay after Verizon is if you have a family discount. Then the post-paid price is more reasonable and the damage is of course a nice cherry on top of the service.

It’s important to note that international eSIM plans are data-only — there’s currently no way to make international calls or text messages from US carriers — and 50GB of hotspot data is deducted from the 100GB total allowance.

Are Visible’s New Unlimited Data Plans Worth It?

Having four lines brings the price down to just $35 per line after tax, and the family plan includes your choice of two free streaming services.

US Mobile has data usage analytics and more apps, while the Visible app is more basic. More basics.

So at the end of the day, are Visible’s two new plans worth it? If you are an existing customer, do you need to upgrade to a plan?

To answer that we have to address the elephant in the room. One thing I didn’t mention.

Visible Black Friday Deals Include Save $15/mo With Visible+ Unlimited & $250 Gift Card Offer

Verge author and Watchable customer Michelle Clark asked the Reddit community what their experience was with the new plan.

First, the app had trouble loading at first, and even after I left it correctly indicated that I was in an invisible party. Then, once the line was activated, calling would not work at all.

Honestly, after Visible improves the activation process, customer service, and adds better account security, I think their plan is probably my first and second choice for the best unlimited plans in the industry.

If you want to stay connected to Verizon, US Mobile is a great option. They have great value plans, great experience, great customer service, and two-factor authentication.

Visible / Visible+bring Your Own Phone Sim

If you want to try something on the T-Mobile network, Mint is a fantastic value. They support 5G and eSIM and have a good customer base