What Is Bereal

What Is Bereal – In an age where digital skills are increasing with each generation, the call for authenticity online is also growing. From the rise of Finsta accounts to public calls for celebrities to edit their photos, it’s clear that this generation values ​​truth and reality. Social media is often blamed in the first place for cultivating a culture of comparison in which users are forced to show only the best parts of their lives.

Still, while the days of overly edited and overtly curated Instagram feeds are long gone (at least for now), celebrities and everyday social media users alike still find ways to put their best foot forward. From an even more carefully curated “photo dump” to hundreds of photos taken to create the perfect candid photo, it seems our demand for authenticity is going hand in hand with better ways of achieving it.

What Is Bereal

At this point we must ask the question: is social media really the enemy of authenticity? Or is it our own desire to keep up appearances that gets in the way of being “real”?

What Is Bereal? Plus, Is The App Safe?

Given the assumption that social media is to blame for the online inauthenticity problem, it’s surprising that a new social media app is touting itself as the solution.

BeReal is another photo-sharing social media app aimed at the tech-savvy Generation Z, and their motto is authenticity.

Most likened to a Snapchat or Instagram story, BeReal users can share a moment from their day with friends before it disappears the next day. The problem, however, is that the app dictates when that moment comes, sending a notification at a random time every day during which users will have 2 minutes to share a photo of their face and surroundings. It could be Tuesday at 3:48 p.m. or Friday at 11:23 a.m., but the idea is to encourage users to share what they’re doing at the same time.

BeReal also skipped validation. There are no likes for posts, only “RealMojis”, where friends can react to selfies by mimicking emojis. There are also no followers or network, and the only way to view your friends’ BeReals is to post them yourself.

What Is Bereal And Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

Since BeReal’s inception in 2020, the app has grown steadily over the past 2 years, reaching one college campus at a time. From its French roots, the app has now made its way into the US market and is currently the sixth most popular social media app in the App Store.

Students said they like the way BeReal offers a change of pace from the polished platforms they are used to. They also have surprising offline effects. One student told Protocol that BeReal’s daily photos are a good way to connect with friends.

“If someone has been in bed during every BeReal for the past week, I might ask, ‘Hey, are you okay?’ Do you need anything?” – she said.

A BeReal spokesperson even said: “One of our core beliefs is that people should spend as little time as possible on their phone – including Be Real.

What Is Bereal And How Does It Work?

If BeReal’s main distinguishing feature is touted as its commitment to authenticity, this surprising philosophy of encouraging young people to connect with friends face-to-face will further set them apart from other social media platforms. By promoting authenticity online, BeReal may have inadvertently achieved the same goal offline. After all, what’s more real than being together and connecting with friends in person? The app notifies users at random times each day to share unfiltered snapshots of what they’re doing over the course of two minutes.

The BeReal app, which encourages users to “just be real” and promote positivity, is becoming increasingly popular among teenagers.

Growing up in the age of social media sharing, today’s young people filter, tune in, and feel enormous pressure to portray their ideal lives. Now one app is trying to change all that.

French photo-sharing platform BeReal bills itself as “not just another social network” and encourages users to post “real” content.

What Is Bereal — And Why Is It Exploding In Popularity?

The app notifies users at random times each day to share snapshots of what they’re doing within two minutes. The goal is to provide users’ friends with an unedited and unfiltered insight into their daily lives.

“It’s like, stop what you’re doing and let everyone know what you’re doing,” said Colby Edmond, a 21-year-old user.

“[Posting on] Snapchat and Instagram sometimes feels like a competition because there are likes and views. TikTok too. It’s a little different at BeReal because there’s nothing like it,” Serenity Wiggins, 18, said.

Experts suggest that BeReal can help children struggling with self-esteem and anxiety issues.

What Is Bereal, And How Do Brands Use It?

“In my opinion, any social media app that promotes authenticity and also limits user time is valuable,” said Dr. Janet Taylor, a psychiatrist.

However, the app is not without criticism, with some users noting that it sends notifications at inconvenient times, such as funerals, surgeries and breakups. BeReal offers the option to silence them.

“It can be really weird sometimes, but I think it’s about having fun with the app,” Edmond said.

“When your child is using a new app, it’s a good time to remind them of your family’s social media rules and engage with them,” Dr. Taylor said.

Untangling Bereal: The Social Media App Taking Over Your Friend Group

As with any social media application, parents should also be aware of what their children are posting and viewing. Viral trends come and go, and one that is quickly gaining popularity is the new BeReal app. From Instagram to Twitter, many apps have attracted millions of users around the world, and BeReal could be the next big thing.

The BeReal concept is exactly as the name suggests, the goal is to be your true, authentic, true self. It is not possible to add filters and you cannot edit the photos in any way. It’s totally you.

All app users receive a notification at a different time every day. Then you need to take a photo of exactly what you are doing when the notification goes off or when you see the notification on your phone. You can receive more news like this and other updates straight to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletters here.

The app takes a front and back photo at the same time and can then be published. Since the notification is sent at a different time every day, the idea is to capture the realities of everyday life and move away from the fake Instagram lifestyle. Sometimes you can “live your best life” on vacation, at the beach, or at an amazing restaurant. Other days you may just be changing your bed or working at your day job.

What Is Instagram Competitor Bereal, And Is It Safe For Your Kids?

It is possible to retake a photo as many times as you want, however other users can see how many attempts you have made, but without the ability to edit, BeReal faithfully reflects what you are doing at that moment. You can set your profile to private so that only people you want to add to the app can see your BeReals, or public so that anyone using the app can see it.

Your BeReal will disappear when the notification turns off the next day and only you will be able to see the BeReals you previously sent. Users also cannot watch other users’ BeReal shows until they publish their own. You can sign posts using a limited number of characters.

The idea behind the app is to promote a different kind of social media, and as someone who has friends in various UK cities, it’s nice to see what they’re doing. Things that they think aren’t worth telling because they only wrote 200 words on their drive that day are actually interesting and make me feel closer to them. You feel like you’re keeping up with their real lives.

The BeReal app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for iPhones and the Play Store for Android devices.

What Is Bereal? The Unfiltered App You Need On Your Radar

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