Youtube Aggressive Anti Adblocker Rollout

Youtube Aggressive Anti Adblocker Rollout – YouTube launches aggressive crackdown on ad blockers YouTube is sending a warning message to users who use ad blockers when watching videos on its platform.

Did you get an ad blocker pop-up message from YouTube? If not, you might get one soon if you use ad blockers. Google-owned YT is getting aggressive with its YouTube ad blocker and testing new methods to block ad blockers. If you use Adblockers while streaming YouTube, you will soon face limitations when using it repeatedly. But why is YouTube so serious about ad blockers? What actions do they take against viewers who use ad blockers?

Youtube Aggressive Anti Adblocker Rollout

According to YouTube’s ad blocker, the platform cracks down on viewers who use ad blockers while watching YouTube videos. The company wants you to either enable ads while watching videos or try YouTube Premium. Since YT is free for users globally, it relies heavily on advertising revenue to improve the user experience. But ad blockers are hurting ad revenue for the video sharing platform.

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This news attracted attention when a Reddit user recently posted a screenshot of the pop-up message sent by YT. It says that the video playback will be blocked unless the ad blocker is disabled.

If YouTube detects an ad blocker 3 times while scrolling through the videos, it will send a warning message asking you to disable the ad blocker. If you still try to watch a video with Adblocker, YouTube will temporarily block the video playback. It is unclear how long video playback will be disabled. The company states that the action to block video playback occurs in “extreme cases” where the user does not disable ad blockers even after repeated warnings.

It encourages viewers to opt for YouTube’s premium option if they want an ad-free video experience. Viewers in the US must pay a $12 monthly subscription fee to access YouTube Premium.

It also emphasizes the importance of ads in keeping the platform free for users worldwide.

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By now, you are pretty well aware of the YouTube Adblocker crackdown and how it significantly affects the user experience on the platform. This new three video rule is not public yet. But it remains unclear whether YouTube will roll out this testing strategy to users in other locations. In addition to the three-video rule, the platform is also testing a new feature that allows you to add multiple YouTube thumbnails for one video.

It will largely depend on audience reaction to YouTube’s new feature to block ad blockers after three consecutive warnings.

YouTube creators who rely solely on advertising revenue to support their channel may find the ad blockers partially beneficial because YouTube revenue depends on many factors.

If you don’t want to be part of YouTube’s ad blocking ban, you can opt for YouTube Premium, which costs up to $12 a month.

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YT follows a trend where video content platforms are adding subscription plans to incentivize users. Additionally, YouTube is also experiencing a consistent decline in ad revenue. The ad blocking ban is a strategy to boost the declining ad revenue. YouTube is running an experiment asking some users to disable their ad blockers or pay for a premium subscription or they won’t be able to watch videos.

As first discovered by a Reddit user this week, YouTube will display a pop-up warning some users that “ad blockers are not allowed.”

“It looks like you’re using an ad blocker. Ads make YouTube free for billions of users worldwide,” the message adds.

When users receive this message, they have two options: either disable their ad blocker to allow YouTube ads, or consider subscribing to YouTube Premium to get rid of all ads.

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As the pop-up explains, “you can go ad-free with YouTube Premium, and creators can still get paid from your subscription.”

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed this experiment, saying the company encourages viewers to try YouTube Premium or allow ads on the platform.

“We’re running a small experiment globally that prompts viewers with ad blockers enabled to allow ads on YouTube or try YouTube Premium,” the spokesperson said.

It is currently unknown in how many regions YouTube is showing these warnings or if the company plans to stop those using ad blockers from accessing the platform altogether.

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This comes after YouTube’s music and premium services surpassed 80 million subscribers in November 2022 and added more than 30 million in just over a year, according to aVarietyreport,

Making ads longer in recent years and making some unskippable is also likely to push some viewers towards signing up for an ad-free experience via YouTube Premium on platforms where ad blocking is impossible or rooting the device (e.g. iOS, some TV operating system). ).

As one Redditor said, “It wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t 2 minutes of unstoppable ads, and multiple ads before the video, ads interrupting the video, making the videos unusable!!!”

Sergiu Gatlan Sergiu has covered cybersecurity, technology and other news beats for more than a decade. Email or Twitter DM for tips.YouTube continues to increase its efforts to drive more users to its paid Premium subscription. The platform has started testing a new anti-adblocker pop-up version aimed at non-paying (non-Premium) viewers.

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According to a new Reddit post, the updated warning includes a countdown timer in the upper right corner, indicating how much time the user has left to take action before the ad plays. Based on initial reports, the timer appears to run for 30-60 seconds.

The rest of the alert box remains the same, explaining the benefits of YouTube Premium and giving the options to “Allow YouTube Ads” or “Try YouTube Premium.”

A screenshot of the new alert popup was shared on Reddit. Several users confirmed that they also saw the timed warning, indicating that YouTube is currently testing this with a limited number of accounts.

In June, YouTube limited viewers to three videos when an ad blocker was discovered. It then allowed users to allow ads or try YouTube Premium, giving users an ad-free experience for a monthly fee.

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The platform has been aggressively pushing users to its premium offering, which removes ads entirely. Earlier this year, YouTube launched a “1080p Premium” video quality with a higher bitrate. Last week, this video option became available for desktop.

The timed warning represents YouTube’s latest tactic to wear down non-paying ad blockers. While workarounds like VPNs and some browsers like Brave exist, these are temporary fixes. YouTube likely has measures planned to counter such practices.

At the same time, many users resist Premium due to the rising costs of the service. A recent price increase brought the individual monthly fee to $13.99 in the US. But prices are still lower in markets like India.

The backlash over YouTube’s intrusive promotions continues to grow. But the Google-owned company shows no signs of backing off the strategy. The timed warning box is likely the next phase in YouTube’s ongoing efforts to push more ad blockers into paid subscriptions.

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YouTube is testing a new anti-ad blocker with a countdown timer that alerts users when the next ad will play. Users will see the clock pop-up appear in the upper right corner, according to Search Engine Land. It will run for 30 to 60 seconds before the ads start.

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The move is designed to close a loophole that jeopardizes YouTube’s ad-supported model, which supports creators who provide entertainment to billions of people for free. Ad blockers violate YouTube’s terms of service, and the company said it wants to make it easier for people to sign up for Premium or stick with the free ad-supported membership. Banning ad blockers is a way for the platform to remain free for anyone who wants continued access to YouTube’s free content.

“We’re running a small experiment globally that prompts viewers with ad blockers enabled to allow ads on YouTube or try YouTube Premium,” said a YouTube spokesperson. “Ad blocker detection is not new, and other publishers regularly ask viewers to disable ad blockers.”

This is being tested on a small scale at the moment but will likely be rolled out to all free members eventually. Affected users will be repeatedly prompted to allow ads instead of viewing video content.

Members do not need to uninstall ad blockers completely. Add YouTube to your list of trusted websites. Open your ad blocker of choice and select “Always Allow” to grant YouTube permissions.

Youtube Launches Aggressive Crackdown On Ad Blockers

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