Youtube Android App Rounded Corners Videos

Youtube Android App Rounded Corners Videos – In recent weeks, YouTube has been re-testing the design of the video screen, and Material You Tweaks is now available on the home page. The video site is working on a major overhaul of its client for all platforms.

Over the past day, this redesign has appeared briefly for both users on the desktop and mobile web. Starting with the latest platform (Safari for iPad in this case), we have the carousels of various topics switched to rectangles with rounded corners instead of tablets, and “Explore” now appears on the far left. It’s similar to mobile because the center tab in the bottom bar is now for Shorts.

Youtube Android App Rounded Corners Videos

Meanwhile, thumbnails now feature rounded corners on the homepage as well as the search and video pages. We once again see pill-shaped buttons for thumbs up/down, Share, Save and Notification.

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There are more changes on the desktop web page. Best of all, there is a real / AMOLED black dark theme instead of gray. There is a pill-shaped search field, and the topics carousel has also been updated. This comes as YouTube Music for Android also switches to this design, with the streaming service already using a black background. Additionally, some carousels, such as shorts, are placed in separate boxes with faint gray outlines.

YouTube’s home page design is still in testing and not yet widely available. It is not sustainable for people who experience it.

YouTube has historically maintained its own design language compared to other Google apps. Recent changes to these buttons, the search field, and other UI elements are a sign that YouTube is closing visual gaps in line with the latest Content guidelines. YouTube is clearly working to modernize its look, and if more people are seeing the new design, it will be announced sooner.

You’re reading — experts are breaking news every day about Google and the ecosystem around it. For all the latest news, be sure to check out our homepage and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Don’t know where to start? Check out our exclusive stories, reviews, guides and subscribe to our YouTube channel A while back we noticed that the desktop version of YouTube was testing rounded corners for videos. This applies to videos viewed in normal mode, not theater mode. According to Android Police, the Android YouTube app also adds rounded corners to its videos.

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It’s all part of a broader overhaul of YouTube’s aesthetic. The company has been making subtle changes to the platform to give it a new look and feel. We’ve seen rounded buttons and other material effects you’ve added to the platform.

Now this new change is slowly rolling out to the devices. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, wait a moment. When you’re in your main video feed, you’ll notice that video thumbnails have rounded corners. You will also see blank space on either side of the thumbnails.

The rounded corners don’t change the look of the interface too much, but they do give it a slightly different aesthetic. Below is a screenshot showing the new design.

Note that we don’t know if this applies to the actual video when you’re on it. We only have a screenshot of the video footage. We’ll have to wait and see if that happens when it makes its way to more people.

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YouTube is now testing miniature games on the platform. These games will be simple titles that you can play right in the browser. Right now we don’t know what games will fill the list, but we have a sneak peak of one. It’s called Stack Bounce and it’s a popular app.

It is believed that it will mainly host mobile games. These games are designed to keep people on the platform for a long time. At this point, we don’t know when YouTube will launch these games. By default, a dependency on the MDC library is added to the project. But first, let’s check if the dependency is added. Go to the build.gradle file (Module level) and make sure the following dependencies are there:

The library version may vary. You can use the above version or keep using the latest one (which is included in your project by default).

Create a new values ​​resource file under the res/values ​​directory. I named the file custom_styles.xml. The name of the file is not important, you can name it whatever you like.

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Alternatively, instead of the cornerSize value, you can apply a mask to a specific corner, such as cornerSizeTopRight, cornerSizeTopLeft, cornerSizeBottomRight, and cornerSizeBottomLeft as shown in the code above.

Alternatively, instead of the cornerFamily value, you can use values ​​such as cornerFamilyTopRight, cornerFamilyTopLeft, cornerFamilyBottomLeft, and cornerFamilyBottomRight to apply the shape type to a specific corner, as shown in the code above.

OK, let’s add this image to the res/drawable folder. OR you can get the image here.

Don’t worry about code length. The code is very simple and just repeatable. Let’s just say:

Youtube Has A Refreshed Look & Feel

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