Youtube Music In Depth Explainer

Youtube Music In Depth Explainer – As we wrap up another year of discovering new music and rewinding classic hits, we’re back to celebrate the sounds that have been listening to you all year.

After last year’s inaugural Recap experience, we’re back to help you relive all of your favorite music moments from the past year. Starting today, music fans can tap their 2022 Recap page on the YouTube Music app and scroll through them to see their personalized stats (top artists, songs, music videos, playlists, and more) from this year. And this year, we’re making the experience even more extraordinary!

Youtube Music In Depth Explainer

You can start your Recap journey by heading over to the YouTube app on iOS or Android and searching for “2022 Recap.”

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We know that many people also enjoy YouTube music, creating a seamless listening experience in both apps. That’s why we’re taking the YouTube Music Recap experience from last year and bringing it to the main YouTube app, allowing even more users to connect with their personalized playlists, stats and shareable stories. You can start your Recap journey by heading to the YouTube app on iOS or Android and searching for 2022 Recap. You will see your Recap playlist and you can click on the stories banner to view your stories.

We’re also introducing new personalized stats that you can discover for the first time in your Replay stories:

Ready to share your favorite artists and songs with your friends and family? Easily share your Show 2022 stories and stats with apps like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook by simply tapping the arrow at the bottom of each story.

Exclusive to the YouTube Music app’s Recap page, you’ll now see shareable cards highlighting your best songs from each season. You can even choose to personalize them by adding your own images straight from Google Photos, combining music and memories for a nostalgic look at your year. All products shown are independently selected by us. However, he may receive a commission on orders placed through his retail links. See our ethical statement.

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YouTube Music Premium is a great streaming service if you enjoy watching live performances, music videos and covers. Its vast library is easily lost. Sound quality is lower compared to the competition, but it’s a viable option for anyone who needs to take their music on the go without incurring monthly costs from a network provider.

The days of owning music, be it in physical or digital form, are long gone. There are many viable streaming services out there, but not all are created equal, and certainly not all pay artists equally. YouTube Music Premium provides access to videos and songs in the “music” category on YouTube. Although great improvements have been made since its inception, we’d have to wear almost opaque rose-colored glasses to say it’s perfect. We tried YouTube Music for three weeks to get it down.

Editor’s note: This YouTube Music review was updated on May 18, 2023, to answer FAQs and ensure all information is current.

YouTube Music Premium is a paid subscription that aims to compete with Apple Music and Spotify.

Youtube Music Premium Review

YouTube Music is YouTube’s counter to other popular ad-free streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. YouTube Music offers a huge library of official and unofficial music videos that populate search results along with audio files.

Previously, subscribing to an artist’s YouTube Music profile was automatically subscribed to your regular YouTube account on said channel. However, YouTube has since updated the subscription mechanism to separate YouTube Music subscriptions from YouTube subscriptions. Yes, it’s confusing, as is typical of Google’s countless overlapping apps.

YouTube Music Premium lets you download content and listen to it from anywhere, saving you from going over your data limit.

Like Google Play Music, Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music, you can download music and listen to it without using up all your data. This is invaluable for anyone with a limited data plan and only takes a few moments. YouTube Music is also directly available through Sonos smart speakers.

Navigate Youtube Studio

The mobile and desktop interfaces are almost identical. The home screen displays a list of typical categories: Favorites, Recommended, New and Moods to match your preferences. From there, you can click a tab to search for a specific artist or song, view a curated list of videos, and browse your library.

If you’re listening to a music video, you can switch to audio only by selecting “song” at the top of the screen. This pulls the audio version instead of just playing the music video audio without the video. This is great because it eliminates any extraneous dialogue included in a music video that isn’t present in the album edit.

Audio-only mode lets you turn off the screen, with no video or extra dialogue from the music video versions to distract you.

You can create a playlist by tapping three grouped, vertical dots in the playback control module. This opens a menu of options including download, add to playlist, add to queue, start radio and more. If you’re creating a new playlist, give it a title and choose whether it’s public, private, or unlisted.

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You can download a music video, song or playlist – just make sure your phone has space for it.

You can take additional precautions to prevent data transmission. Go to the home page, tap on your profile avatar and select the gear icon labeled “settings”. Then, slide the option to stream over Wi-Fi only. From here, you can also choose to limit mobile data, adjust mobile network quality and more.

YouTube Music lets you create a playlist and add your friends to it (assuming they have an account). Then you can both add songs to the playlist. This is something Spotify has had for a long time, but it’s good to see YouTube building the social aspect of the service.

Unlike other streaming platforms, the audio settings are restrictive. There is an EQ option under settings, but it relies on your phone’s sound quality options. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S10e lets you turn on Dolby Atmos and choose between a few questionable EQ presets. However, you cannot create a custom EQ for YouTube Music. When the service was first announced, there was no official documentation on audio quality, but it has since been added to the YouTube Music help page. You can choose between several different sound quality settings:

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This is the official quality for YouTube Music whether you’re on a cellular network or Wi-Fi. It’s not great to see Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music Unlimited and a few others support lossless formats like FLAC or at least a higher bitrate. In an AMA, a Google employee shared that YouTube Music does not intend to go beyond 256 kbps, citing FLAC streaming as a cost-effective option. This is disappointing for the likes of

, but if you just want to listen to music and don’t care much about its quality, selecting “high” audio quality should be fine.

Regardless of your plan, you’re billed directly from your Google Account. You can use YouTube Music Premium features on up to 10 mobile devices. Once you go beyond that, the oldest authorized device is revoked. You are limited to four devices per year, presumably to prevent you from sharing them with different friends.

Family subscriptions include up to five additional members. Student memberships must be reviewed and renewed annually for up to four years, with the bonus of a three-month free trial instead of one month with normal plans.

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The difference is what you get when you subscribe to the former versus the latter. It’s similar to how a square falls under a rectangular umbrella: YouTube Music falls under the YouTube Premium umbrella.

The main features of YouTube Music Premium include access to albums, live performances, music videos and remixes. You benefit from YouTube’s discovery algorithm, which improves as you “thumbs up/down” songs. You can play music with the phone locked and download music, which is not allowed with the free ad-supported version of YouTube Music.

Remember YouTube Red? It’s now called YouTube Premium. Confusing, isn’t it? Compared to YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Premium has wider streaming access. All videos are ad-free, not just music related ones. You can download any video directly to your device, while YouTube Music Premium limits the functionality to download songs and music videos. Another great feature is background playback where you no longer need to stay in the native YouTube app for the video to continue. Instead, upon exiting the app, a small window folds into the corner of your device’s screen.

If you’re an avid YouTube consumer, it makes sense to shell out an extra $2/month for YouTube Premium. Of course, the free version of YouTube with ads still exists. Although confusing, YouTube has a price for everyone.

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YouTube is notorious for short-changing content creators, and this disturbing trend holds true with YouTube Music. Unfortunately, this is a prominent occurrence everywhere, regardless of which streaming service you use. YouTube Music just ranks so poorly compared to the other leading contenders.

Of course, if you want to support your favorite bands, you can always buy their albums, go to their shows, and buy their merchandise. Any of