Youtube New Look New Features Web Mobile Tvs

Youtube New Look New Features Web Mobile Tvs – Editorial by Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer: When YouTube’s first video was uploaded in 2005, YouTube had a search bar and a list of videos on its site. Since then, you could say we’ve gone through a transition. In this latest installment of our innovation series, we’re sharing new designs that will modernize YouTube and bring new features to the YouTube powerhouse you know and love.

YouTube just turned 17 years old earlier this year and we wonder if it’s time to slow it down. So we collected the opinions of thousands of people around the world and felt that there was a desire to create a cleaner, better product that reflects exactly what we are about.

Youtube New Look New Features Web Mobile Tvs

Starting today, we’re rolling out new looks and features that deliver a modern and immersive viewing experience while improving the way users view videos. But don’t worry, the same YouTube you know and love is still our foundation.

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Color was an important theme for us in the development phase. We wanted to add more power to our app without breaking the habits of our viewers, whether they’re enjoying recommended videos or looking for new content.

After a lot of brainstorming, the eco system came to life. And when the first design concept was met with positive feedback from users during testing, we knew we were on to something.

By using color rendering, the environment creates a dynamic effect so that the color of the app’s color matches the video. We were inspired by the light screen thrown in the dark room and wanted to recreate the effect so that the viewers are drawn into the content and the video takes up more space on our watch page. This feature will be available on web and mobile in dark mode.

And while we’re on the subject, we’ve heard your thoughts and are happy to share that dark theme has been updated to make it darker so the colors really pop on your screen. This will launch on web, mobile and TV.

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For those who take pride in curating the best playlists, we haven’t forgotten you! The video list will select one color and then show the details of each list so that viewers can jump easily.

We know that the main reason you come to YouTube is, well, to see what you like. We are doing great things to bring the focus back to the video.

The YouTube link in the video description will change to a button, and frequent actions such as, sharing and downloading, have now been changed to reduce distractions.

Now, we are making the page easier to see: YouTube links in the video description will change to buttons, and frequent actions like, sharing and downloading, are now changed to reduce distractions. The signup button is also a touch: the new shape and high contrast make it really stand out, and while it’s no longer red, it’s easy to see and easy to reach for everyone on the homepage and on the page.

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And we are more than just what we look like. After introducing and testing several new product features at earlier this year, we’ve heard from many of you wondering when we’re going to make it big. The wait is over here: we’re launching pinch to zoom and better search for all users starting today.

With Play, you can now easily switch in and out of video while on your iOS or Android phone. And when you release, the video stays on so you can enjoy the rest of the footage in full detail. Give your fingers a break!

Have you ever followed a tutorial on your phone, but need to keep going back and forth to figure out that one small step? A good search helps solve this problem. Whether you’re on your desktop or mobile device, just drag or swipe when you want to display a thumbnail row in a video clip and you’ll be able to make adjustments to get to the right part of each video.

Smart browsing based on our latest image enhancements helps you quickly find the parts you love the most. We’ve introduced the ability to long press anywhere on the player to search and double tap with two fingers to delete parts. We’ve added an icon that shows the most frequently repeated moments in the video.

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Feedback from creators and viewers has been a huge influence on YouTube as our teams continue to think about ways to improve our user experience; Today’s update is unusual. Over the next few weeks, these changes will roll out to all users, so take the new design for a spin and let us know what you think! We’re excited to share a new feature that gives TV viewers a direct way to put the full power of YouTube at their fingertips while watching on your TV.

Written by Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer: Earlier this year, we shared some of the highlights of our 2022 product roadmap, including how we’re going to improve the YouTube experience on your TV — which is once again our fastest-growing screen in the world. 2021. In this next installment of our innovation series, we’re giving you an inside look at how we’re designing YouTube for TV, including new ways to bring the best of YouTube to the big screen, making the TV experience even better and more interactive for our viewers.

When the YouTube TV app was launched 12 years ago, it became a great way for our viewers to watch their favorite YouTube videos on a bigger screen than their computers or smartphones. Since then, we’ve continued to improve the experience as the popularity of YouTube TV streaming services continues to grow. By January 2022, average viewers watch more than 700 million hours of YouTube content on TV every day.

As more people watch YouTube on their TVs, one challenge we face as a design team is how to keep the experience simple, easy and fast, but also bring the best of YouTube to the TV. Today, we’re excited to share a new feature that gives TV viewers an instant way to experience the full power of YouTube at their fingertips while watching on your TV.

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YouTube offers many features to a global community of more than 2 billion – from liking or commenting to use a video, to supporting your favorite creators by subscribing, joining a membership, or even sending a Super Sticker.

And on TV, we want to deliver the same YouTube experience you know and love. But this also poses important challenges. Our research team has spent hundreds of hours diving into users’ experiences with YouTube on their TVs. We know remote controls can be difficult to use and navigate, most TVs don’t have web browsers, and you generally have less time to interact since you’re always watching videos in a full-screen experience.

How to create a design for a large screen and contain your favorite content on YouTube? Earlier, we discovered an interesting insight – more than 80% of people said they use another digital device while watching TV. After digging further, we found that people not only opened the YouTube mobile app at the same time, but also engaged in videos (eg likes, subscribes) on their phones – all while playing the same video on TV.

With this insight in mind, we stopped thinking about how to fit all of these features into the big screen, and instead focused on thinking about how the phone could be more closely integrated into the overall TV experience.

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Starting today, we’re rolling out a new feature that makes it easy to connect your TV to your iOS or Android phone, so you can immerse yourself in your favorite YouTube content while watching it on the big screen.

To test this, your phone and TV must be logged into the same YouTube account. Open the YouTube app on the TV, then open the YouTube app on your phone, and tap “Connect” on the pop-up window.

Now your phone will be connected to the TV, so you can directly connect to the video you are watching from your phone. That means it’s easier than ever to read video comments, leave comments, share videos with friends, or support your favorite creators by sending Super Chat or becoming a member, all while watching on the big screen.

There is more to come when we think about the future of interaction in the classroom. With activation, your phone becomes an all-purpose, mobile device and unlocks the ability to do more in this space.

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We’ve started testing new designs on our video viewing page to help you experience unique aspects of YouTube – like browsing and buying products.