Youtube Premium Getting More Expensive Us

Youtube Premium Getting More Expensive Us – As the world’s most popular streaming service, YouTube can generate huge advertising revenues. If you enjoy watching or listening to ads, it’s a win-win, but many people prefer to pay a subscription fee to remove ads and unlock additional features on YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. Whether you’re a paying customer or not, you may have wondered if YouTube Premium and Music has an annual subscription. It’s a bit complicated, but we’ll answer your questions here.

In short, YouTube Premium not only offers ad-free videos and music, but also background playback and offline downloads, as well as YouTube Music and YouTube Kids. YouTube Music itself skips ads and provides background playback and offline download options, but only when streaming music.

Youtube Premium Getting More Expensive Us

Both YouTube Premium and Music now have an annual subscription. This is a relatively new solution, testing of which began in 2022.

Youtube Premium Just Got More Expensive

This isn’t too surprising from the streaming giant. Platforms like Netflix and Spotify also don’t offer annual subscriptions. There’s little incentive for these services to give you a discount over a 12-month period when they know you’re less likely to notice your monthly expenses than if you paid a lump sum and that you’re likely to remain a subscriber for the entire year anyway.

You can sign up for these annual plans at the same place where you purchase your monthly subscription. Things start to get a little less straightforward if you currently subscribe to a monthly plan for either service, as you can’t directly upgrade to an annual plan. However, you can simply cancel your current monthly plan and then sign up for an annual plan. You can rest assured that your playlists and other features will remain intact because they are tied to your account, not your subscription.

Both YouTube Premium and YouTube Music have Individual, Family, and Student plans, but only the Individual option is available on the Annual plan. For both services, the annual subscription is effectively 12 months for the price of 10.

A one-year YouTube Premium subscription costs $119.99. The individual plan costs $11.99 per month, which works out to $143.88 per year. The savings therefore amount to approximately $24 per year, or $2 per month.

Youtube Premium Review

A one-year subscription to YouTube Music costs $99.99. Since the monthly cost of the service is $9.99, the savings over the course of the year are approximately $20, which works out to approximately $1.67 per month.

YouTube Annual Subscriptions are not yet available globally, but are offered in a few key markets. So far, you can get the annual plan in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Thailand, India, and Japan.

You can expect this relatively new payment plan to expand to other regions if YouTube sees value in it, especially Europe’s other major economies.

Whether you’re looking for a monthly or annual plan, it’s safe to say that a YouTube Music subscription isn’t worth it when comparing the two YouTube services. YouTube Premium includes music and only costs a few dollars more per month and loads of additional ad-free content, so unless you only use YouTube to listen to music, it’s worth getting Premium on any payment plan.

What Is Youtube Premium? Cost And Offerings

Is it worth purchasing an annual YouTube Premium subscription? This question is more difficult to answer. The effective savings of $2 per month is relatively modest. To get the discount, not only do you have to commit for the entire year, but you also have to pay the entire amount upfront.

If you know for a fact that you’ll be using the service fairly consistently – you can’t pause your subscription – over the next 12 months and you have the money to spend, it’s probably worth it. Just remember that you lose the option to cancel when you sign up.

For people who have older YouTube Music plans, the equation is different. If you secure the $7.99 rate when moving away from Google Play Music, even a one-year YouTube Music subscription will be more expensive than it is now, at around $8.33 per month. So it’s better to stick with the older option. YouTube Premium is something that once you try it, you won’t want to give up. Signing up for the YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad is easy for $15.99, but did you know you can get the exact same YouTube Premium subscription on your iPhone or iPad for just $11.99?

I only realized this when I saw an ad on YouTube after I had briefly canceled YouTube Premium; but the so-called “Apple tax” is real, and YouTube passes on the operating costs it pays to Apple for the privilege of selling this service directly on the iOS and iPadOS platform directly to iOS and iPadOS users.

It’s More Expensive To Subscribe To Youtube Music On Ios Than Android

Apple collects a commission from every sale made in the App Store. This commission ranges from 15-30% depending on the developer and covers subscriptions to services that developers choose to offer through the iPhone or iPad app.

Apple prohibits app developers who host apps on the App Store from offering subscriptions in iOS or iPadOS apps without using the App Store to process payment, which means YouTube can’t simply link you from the app to the official website to use it to pay for your YouTube Premium subscription.

This limitation forces app developers to make a choice: 1) charge the same amount in the App Store as anywhere else and suffer a loss in revenue; or 2) charge more for App Store subscriptions to cover commission costs.

Of course, YouTube doesn’t like the idea of ​​losing revenue, so it passes on the additional costs of navigating Apple’s commissions to the end user.

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To pay $11.99 for a YouTube Premium subscription instead of $15.99, simply purchase a YouTube Premium subscription directly from YouTube

By cutting out the middleman, Apple doesn’t get a cut of the profit, so YouTube charges the original cost of YouTube Premium instead of the inflated amount because it has no obligation to pay Apple any commissions if you sign up this way.

In the screenshot on the left, you can see the YouTube iOS app advertising a price of $15.99 for YouTube Premium. Conversely, on the right side you can see that YouTube in Safari is advertising the exact same YouTube Premium services for just $11.99.

Pro tip: It doesn’t matter where you sign up for YouTube Premium, you’ll have access to the same features. But if you choose the iPhone app, you’ll just pay more money for it.

Youtube Premium Vs Youtube Music Premium: How To Choose

If you already subscribe to YouTube Premium on the iOS or iPadOS app for $15.99 and want to resubscribe for the lower price of $11.99, you can certainly do so.

To do this, open the App Store app and tap your profile picture in the top right corner, then tap the Subscriptions button. Once your active subscription list is full, you can cancel your existing YouTube Premium subscription.

Once canceled, you’ll need to use up the remainder of your YouTube Premium subscription before you can resubscribe. When your YouTube Premium subscription ends, you can visit the YouTube Premium subscription site in Safari to resubscribe for the lower price of $11.99.

We’d like to reiterate that by signing up for YouTube Premium through the YouTube website instead of the App Store, you can enjoy the same benefits that a YouTube Premium subscription provides via the iOS app.

Youtube Premium Individual Plan Now Costs $2 More For All Subscribers In The Us

What’s more, you can access YouTube Premium on your iPhone or iPad, as well as on all other computers and/or devices, regardless of where you choose to subscribe.

Did you already know that you can save $4 per month by subscribing to YouTube Premium directly from the YouTube website? And if not, will you still pay $15.99 for YouTube Premium instead of $11.99? YouTube Premium Family Plan Just Got More Expensive / The cost of a plan that removes ads for you and up to five other people just increased by $5 per month

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Youtube Premium’s Family Plan Gets A Price Hike In Several Countries

According to 9to5Google, the YouTube Premium Family plan now costs $22.99 per month after the increase. The Family tier offers benefits like ad-free viewing and background play for you and up to five others, and now costs $5 more per month.

The price change is effective now for new subscribers, which means you can no longer sign up at the previous price of $17.99. For existing subscribers, “this change will occur in the next billing cycle beginning on or after November 21, 2022,” YouTube said in an email shared by

. However, if you were a former Google Play Music subscriber, you received a lower price, as per the email sent to